From the Archives: an Interview with RFK Jr.’s Wife Mary

1 06 2012

In remembrance of Mary Richardson Kennedy, we wanted to share this interview she did with Bob Vila in 2008, during the green renovation of the RFK Jr. family home.

Mary was a highly skilled architect, and this home was probably her proudest achievement. Sadly, it is also the home where she would take her own life four years later on May 16, 2012.

Rest in peace, Mary.




2 responses

3 06 2012

What an amazing lady — just brilliant — so sad we have lost her.

26 07 2012
Compassioate Mother

Did Kerry Lawrence Esq file a counter claim for divorce for Mary? Did she get Pendente lite monthly support for herself and children?Based on income RK Jr in 2011 of $3M she would have received half at least for family support.Would not be penniless. Any contempt of court motion filed for her in Dec.2011 when he and his lawyer.the high ranked matrimonial lawyer Norman Heller Esq stopped credit card and paid her no cash? This went on for six months.
The architect Mary rebuilt on insurance from storm damage her home in 2009 into a green show place with a book she wrote about it .She paid $500,000 for half ownership on her marriage in 1993 and it is now worth millions She seems smart and very competant.The couple attended AA together.

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