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This page contains external links to articles written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., information on his books, radio show, and speeches, as well as a few select interviews with him.

We also encourage you to check out his weekly radio show, “Ring of Fire,” on Air America. If you don’t have a local affiliate station in your area, you can listen to archived programs at Ring of Fire Radio’s website.

Many of Bobby’s interviews and speeches are available on our blog and also at GoLeft.tv.

We hope that this resource helps to give you a better idea about the man himself and the causes he is most passionately dedicated to.

Here is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in his own words:

The Next President’s First Task: A Manifesto

Global Warming: A Real Solution

America’s Anti-Torture Tradition

Deadly Immunity: The Link Between Vaccines and Autism

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

A Miscarriage of Justice

Texas Chainsaw Management

Crimes Against Nature

An Ill Wind Off Cape Cod

Bobby is a frequent guest blogger at The Huffington Post. Read his posts here:

More articles by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can be found at his official website.


Another Kennedy Living Dangerously.
The New York Times, June 25, 2005.

PBS Interview with Bobby Kennedy Jr., January 21, 2005:

You Have To Be Willing To Die With Your Boots On: An Interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Grist’s Interview with RFK Jr.

Interview with NPR’s “Fresh Air” radio program

RFK Jr. On How Our Media Has Let Us Down – a must-read!

Kennedy Interview with The Progressive, November 2006

Bobby Talks With David Talbot (author of “Brothers“) about Al Gore, John Kerry, and Why the Progressive Democrat Agenda Always Gets Lost in an Election Year

Legal Eagle: Bobby Kennedy Jr. Fights for the Environment (and His Kids’ Future)


* Kennedy Jr., Robert F. (2007). American Heroes: Joshua Chamberlain and the American Civil War. *New Release* Hyperion, ISBN-10: 1423107713

* Kennedy Jr., Robert F. (1978). Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr: A biography. Putnam. ISBN 0-399-12123-4.
* Kronin, John; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (1999). The Riverkeepers: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right. New York: Scribner, 304 pages. ISBN 0-684-84625-X.
* Kennedy, Jr., Robert F. (2004). St. Francis of Assisi: A Life of Joy. Hyperion. ISBN 9780786818754.
* Kennedy, Jr., Robert F. (2005). Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and Corporate Pals are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy. New York: HarperCollins, 256 pages. ISBN 0060746874.

Also check out RFK Jr.’s new documentary film, Grand Canyon Adventure: River At Risk in IMAX 3D, in theatres nationwide now:


The movie version of Kennedy’s book, Crimes Against Nature is slated for release in the fall of 2008.



6 responses

21 10 2007
Larry Dossey, MD


Please run.

— Larry Dossey, MD

30 01 2008
Alexandra Masson

Thank you for your endorsement of Hillary Clinton!
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be the next leader of the Democratic Party! He and his sister Kathleen are the most gifted and capable for the future of the USA!
Go Bobby, Go Kathleen!!!

25 02 2008

Bobby Jr. is a walking contradiction:

He calls himself a Democrat but he’s pro-life.
He calls himself an enviromental activist but he has 6 children (overpopulation!) and supports wind power, but doesn’t have it on any of his properties. He talks about the poor and impoverished but charges $600 an hour for his legal services. He considers himself an animal lover but proudly displays their pelts and skulls in his home.

According to the same article where he admits to being pro-life, he says he attends mass daily not because he’s holy but because he needs a lot of help to do the right thing every day. I applaud his honesty, but weakness and not practicing what you preach, doesn’t make for a good president.

You may also wish to consider that it’s not just his drug use (who cares/long time ago) that may be behind his reluctance to run. Perhaps there is another skeleton in the closet – another indiscretion. I don’t care really, but he’s not his father. Conflicted and complicated like him, yes, but he needs to reconcile his religious and environmental beliefs.

2 04 2009
Rebecca Montena

Well, I don’t care about a man’s personal business, and as for Bobby over populating the planet, are we not supposed to replace ourselves? that is 2 a piece, well, how about the people who are not able to have kids. somebody has to take up the slack:) go bobby and mary, go. besides, actually, 2 of his kids are from a former marriage, there they are they replaced themselves, then, of course the other 4 from second marriage. hmmmm, the way i see it, he replaced my husband and me, had no kids, and at least one other couple who hadn’t had any. so, what is the beef anyway.
i am also pro-life and a democrat. just because one doesn’t agree with every thing does not mean they don’t take the good and leave what they might consider to be the bad.
go bobby go.

3 04 2009
Rebecca Montena

In this society of ours, we have to put critical thinking skills to the test. That is not to say, we cannot argue a point, just that we must be open enough about that point to let other ideas in.
If RFK jr ran for President, I hope he does, I would vote for him, but, not for the usual reasons a self professed Kennedy-ite would. I would vote for his commitment to the cause of making our world environmentally safe for our kids and their kids. For his willingless to speak out on issues of today, sound eeringly familiar when you look at it,doesn’t it? I grew up in the same generation as he did, I understand the loss of innocense we experienced, because I experienced it too. I also watched as those we put our faith, his dad for one, lost their lives because they dared to stand up for their beliefs. and, yet, I still stand up for my beliefs and I am so glad that someone else does too. Perfect, nope, human, yep. Now think about it,do we really want someone lilly white and pure of all sins, or someone who openly admits he is not perfect and has to pray every day for forgiveness and to live his life the way he believes is right. That is the kind of leader this country, nay, this world needs. I cast my vote for RFK jr, either way he decides, if one day he does take on public office, or not. I pray for his and his family’s safety.

4 04 2009

Sounds like RFK Jr. has been busy trying to add to the population of this planet with other females besides his um, wives (I thought Catholics didn’t believe in divorce?).

Here he is preaching the gospel just before hitting on a female reporter who was there covering his speech:


Happens again a month later, same reporter. She has to apologize for his offensive behaviour:

Just what the USA needs……more Korrupt Kennedy politicans with pee-pee problems!

If you want that you can have it, but I’m tired of it. No more political dynasties and enough Camelot already!

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