Opinion: Vanity Fair Shouldn’t Dismiss RFK Jr.

30 05 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: The latest issue of Vanity Fair features an article called “Ted Kennedy’s Final Battle,” which is an excerpt from Ed Klein’s new book on the liberal lion. The article speculates heavily on which member of the Kennedy family will eventually pick up the torch of leadership – Patrick? Caroline? Joe? Kathleen? Christopher? – but seems to overlook the one believe to be the best qualified…Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

One of of our longtime bloggers wrote to voice her amazement at Klein/Vanity Fair’s out-of-hand dismissal of RFK Jr.’s capabilities, expressing the dismay many of Bobby’s supporters felt after reading the article. We’d like to share her Letter to the Editor with you below:


By Susanne Silverstein


Dear RFK Jr. News-Staffers:

It’s been a while since I’ve visited the web site but my heart still gets tugged when I read articles like this month’s Vanity Fair

I feel the article is totally unfair to RFK Jr. in it’s perception that he is not one of the heirs most likely to be active in this or next generation.  The article goes on to hype Joe Jr & Caroline as being the two new leaders of the Kennedy clan.  They discuss how RFK Jr. has a speech impediment that makes running for office a serious challenge.  

I beg to disagree!  He has been out there speaking in public for years, never letting his spasmodic dysphonia stop him from getting the message across. He hosts a weekly radio show on Air America and does numerous television interviews. In my opinion, he’s a better speaker than all the other Kennedy kids put together! 

I have also been aware that he has had to work with a speech impediment, but Bobby is nothing less than an electrifying speaker.  It is a shame what his family is pulling.  They are only hurting our country by their selfish short-sighted behavior.  All of us face some dysfunction in our immediate families and I just chalk this nonsense up to petty jealousies.

 I hope the members here can convince him that he is beloved by millions.  That there are millions more longing to hear him speak; and that he will be able to sort out his family’s nonsense for what it is.  Just a histronic reaction to the sad scenario of Ted Kennedy’s illness and probable prognosis. 

Bobby Jr; has accomplished so much more in public life than most of his cousins, brothers and sisters put together!  I once did admire Joe Kennedy’s prowess, but he seems to be truly happier working on his energy company.  He has kept a low profile until now. 

We need to get more letters over to Vanity Fair to set them straight about Bobby Jr’s real promise and qualifications as a real leader for the next generation of Americans! 


Thank you,





2 responses

2 06 2009

I really liked your letter Susanne. I agree that he is very intelligent. He speaks out on the issues and doesn’t seem afraid to speak the truth and seems to have the courage to do what is morally right. The question is if Bobby will make the tough decision on if he is willing to join the fight. If he were to decide to do as Jesse Ventura suggested and run as an Independent I believe he would have the support of many who are looking for someone who is willing to join the fight that needs to be fought to save this country. The choice is his, but if he decides to join the fight, I will do all I can to make sure he has the tools he needs to win.


30 09 2009
Bradley G. Barnett

I have written my epistle on RFK,jr on another site related to this site. Related to,was what I was talking about as I commented on RFK jr’s brother Joe’s decision to stay with Citizen’s energy.With all due respect,that is where is talent’s lie,helping those less well off. Rfk,jr is without a doubt the most intelligent and charismatic of all the Kennedy’s,of his generation. He is gifted,as a speaker and I sincerely believe the most qualified. He is knowledgable about ALL of the political issues,and he is,in my opinion,other then Al Gore,the most important environmentalist in our country. I believe that he is the Kennedy that the ‘torch’ has been passed to. The patriarch Joe and Mrs. Rose Kennedy created the values,the competativeness and ultimately the magical potion that is devotion to public service combined with a value system where there is this wonderful desire to help those that don’t have what the Kennedy family were given. RFK inherited the torch from JFK,JFK from his brother Joe. Rfk,jr,in my opinion has a familial obligation to continue the legacy by running for his uncle Ted’s senate seat. The torch was passed to RFK,jr from EMK! Unless there is a residency issue,RFK,jr has an obligation to keep the seat in the family and he also owes it to the citizen’s of this wonderful country.

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