RFK Jr.’s Search for Cupid

10 04 2009




RFK Jr (with a dog statue) last year


A dachshund lost at the Hommocks Park Ice Rink and belonging to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr was returned home safely Sunday. “We are so grateful!,” Kennedy says.

Kennedy told theLoop Sunday his wife and son Finn, 11, were at Hommocks Friday for a tournament between Finn’s Mt. Kisco based team and the Connecticut Nordiques. After the game, according to Kennedy, they drove all the way home without realizing the 5 year old dog, named Cupid, was not in the car.


Kennedy’s children returned to Hommocks and  posted flyers around the Ice Rink area alerting people to the missing pup.

Apparenty the dog wandered over to the Junior High School building and was picked up by a resident, who alerted Mamaroneck Town Police. Kennedy says the police officer who responded decided to take the dog home, rather than surrender it to a shelter. Kennedy says the officer later told him he would have kept the if his owners were not found.

Sunday, a friend of the officer’s told him about the flyers he saw at Hommocks and Cupid was reunited with his family.

“The Town Police and everyone I spoke with were so kind to me,” Kennedy said. “So many people in Larchmont called me to say they saw him.”


Original story from the Loop:





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