Kennedy and King Go Toe-To-Toe in House Hearing

8 02 2009

Well, just in case you missed it, here’s the dustup between RFK Jr. and Rep. Steve King on Capitol Hill this week.

In the video excerpt of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s testimony below, Iowa Congressman Steve King asks Kennedy to verify the accuracy of a 2002 quote attributed to him that “hog producers are a greater threat to the United States and U.S. democracy than Osama bin Laden”. Kennedy said he still believes that to be the case today.

King then attacks Kennedy again by bringing up RFK Jr.’s 1983 arrest for heroin possession and goes on to infer that Kennedy’s motives behind being an environmental crusader may have more to do with the sentence imposed by the Judge in his drug conviction case than a genuine  desire to serve the public. (Well, yes, it’s true that Kennedy started working with the Riverkeepers as part of his court-mandated community service, but uh…doesn’t it then stand to reason that he might want to do more “community service” that is voluntary, not mandatory after his sentence was fulfilled?)

We would also like to point out to Rep. King that Kennedy was drawn to the protection of the natural environment and wildlife since his boyhood. It’s truly been a lifelong interest for him and a genuine passion. For Rep. King to go there in a House Judiciary hearing on critical energy issues was a low and uncalled for blow; bringing up ancient history and politicizing a process which should be focused on solutions, not more partisan bickering and cheap shots.

Here’s video of King and Kennedy’s verbal boxing match from the February 4, 2009 House Judiciary Committee hearing on energy policy:

But the bullfight between King and Kennedy was merely distractionary. The purpose of RFK Jr.’s testimony on Capitol Hill that day was far more substantive, and of course, that’s the part of his remarks the mainstream media has ignored, choosing instead to focus attention on the high drama of Kennedy and Steve King’s confrontation.

But for those who are interested in the real issue, here’ some more video from the hearing on the Bush Administration’s issuance of several controversial “midnight rulings.” Below congressman Cohen questions Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about regulatory rules that were issued between Election Day and the Barack Obama’s Inauguration that did not follow the normal process of public scrutiny.

Mr. Kennedy explains how many of these regulations affect the Environmental Protection Agency and are detrimental to the environment.




One response

8 03 2009

Woah… Tiger… Ehat’s the skinny on this? This story just flew out from nowhere. I never heard anything about this. Neither the King Street fight nor the Bush suspect and criminal signing orders (Midnight), that seems to really do the worst damage to the environment, after BUSH leaves office?! What’s the deal?!

HEY RFK.JR. Aren’t you now more than ever more determined to see where your real bread is buttered… By this I mean that embracing those of us who watch what you say, listen to what you say and back what you say with whole hearts… As well, as in supporting your exposures of the illegal activities against our environment which you so elequently assert yourself to bring to light, there are matters as grave dealing with issues regarding the integrity of the state. Exposing crimes against environment or state politics either of which manifest the same warnings and dire remarks that our fore fathers of our country have spoken on record with the same voracity and intentions which you point to, as direct evidence leading to corruption and ruin in our great nation.

You maintain composure and tolerate the placating debate with politicians about the subjects you bring up. You are informative and well spoken. The facts are clear and the topics are all fair game for warrantng someone’s investigation (FOR GOD’S SAKE)… And so you take a beating from these corrupt fascist thugg life organizers, who call themselves representitives of the people…

You need to align yourself with some serious fire power sir… The kind that these thuggs don’t want to truck with… I mean loud and proud TRUTHERS! You know where I’m going…

Bullhorning and marching sir… this is the only way to be heard and to get your message out to the people. It is clear that the media will block you out of the daily news cycles now unless your Brittney or Rush.

Your issues are our issues… You dance a dance that romances the fringe leftist TRUTHERS in your dialog publicly… you somehow pull back when you get close enough to begin to piss off the right people though… Why is that?

When you get good and pissed Bobby… we’ll at the ready to support you with a citizen media the likes that no corporate media today could touch… because the time is right and the vacancy for real leadership for truth on many many fronts… is obvious.

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