RFK Jr. To Discuss Caroline’s Failed Senate Bid on MSNBC Today

22 01 2009


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will appear on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” at 8am EST today to discuss cousin Caroline’s surprise withdrawl from the race to fill Hillary Clinton’s now-vacant senate seat.

The shocking news came down late last night after much speculation and conflicting media reports regarding Kennedy’s political intentions. Just hours after Hillary Clinton was confirmed as secretary of state, the rumor mill went wild with expectations that Gov. David Paterson would immediately appoint Kennedy.

Those hopes were dashed in a midnight announcement from the Kennedy camp. Caroline announced that she had called Gov. Paterson and informed him that she was withdrawing her name for “personal reasons.”

Despite more than a month of hard campaigning for the job, Kennedy suddenly changed her mind. Why she did it is anybody’s guess at this point, but perhaps RFK Jr. can shed some light on the subject now.

This interview is not to be missed; stay tuned for Bobby to appear sometime in the 8am hour. We’ll post a transcript or video link as soon as it becomes available.




One response

22 01 2009

Well, if Caroline’s out, that probably means Andy Cuomo is in.

…which means the AG post will have to be filled.

RFK Jr for NY Attorney General?

Hmmmmm……now THAT’s an idea I like!!!!

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