RFK Jr. More Qualified Than Caroline?

24 12 2008


Mary Richardson Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attend the 2008 annual Food Allergy Ball at the Waldorf Astoria on December 8, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)


“Caroline is a smart woman, but expecting her to fight for New York in the U.S. Senate is like sending a butterfly collector into an NFL football game,” says a Kennedy intimate. “Bobby has proven his toughness in battling polluters and other arenas. The guy was willing to serve 30 days in jail to stop military exercises in Vieques, Puerto Rico.”

Another Democratic strategist concurs: “Bobby has a record of activism. Caroline has been involved in education. But she’s so shy. Your pedigree doesn’t qualify you to be a senator.”

Bobby did give serious thought to the Senate during a recent trip to Bhutan with wife Mary. When he returned, he consulted with his uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy, his siblings, and with Caroline. But on Dec. 2, he announced in The New York Times that he’d decided that, if Gov. Paterson appointed him to the Senate, the campaign for reelection in 2010 would mean he’d rarely see his family.

Friends say there were other considerations. “Bobby knew the Republicans would bring up his heroin bust and who knows what else,” says one source. “He could handle it, but he didn’t want to subject his kids to it.”

The Senate salary was also an issue. As Bobby told us recently, “I have six mouths to feed.” A friend notes, “The Kennedys are not as rich as people think they are. He’s finally making a decent living. He gives well over 100 speeches a year and consults for companies.”

Mostly, adds the friend, “Bobby’s happy with what he’s accomplishing. He doesn’t feel it’s his manifest destiny to be a senator.”

Still, Caroline’s political ascendancy is bound to fuel talk of tension between JFK’s and RFK’s clans. One pal of the late John Kennedy Jr. recalls, “John told me his mother thought he and Caroline should keep their distance from their wild cousins.”

Another Kennedy confidante argues that Caroline used to enjoy raft trips and other outings with Ethel’s brood, “but after she married Ed Schlossberg, that stopped. Ed is the one who put a chill on things.”

Bobby didn’t return calls but recently told The Times “Caroline would be the perfect choice [for the Senate]. … I hope that one day that I’ll be able to do public service and government.”


Story from the New York Daily News.




8 responses

24 12 2008
Jamie Holts

I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
Very interesting posts and well written.
I will put your site on my blogroll.

24 12 2008
Jamie Holts

I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

24 12 2008

Thanks for the great article! One thing I found curious was that it says Bobby Jr. and his wife spent several weeks in Bhutan seriously discussing his possible appointment to this senate seat.

As someone who has spent much time in Bhutan, I find that odd.

American couples usually go to Bhutan to partake in that country’s famous fertility rituals, especially if they are having difficulty conceiving. Bhutan is a beatuiful, spiritual place that inspires many couples to “get busy” in the bedroom…their culture celebrates the phallic symbolism, and everywhere you go, you see images of the male member “hung” (pardon the pun) over doorways as symbols of good luck and fertility. No kidding…they are everywhere! Bhutan is unofficially known as the “land of the flying phallus.”

So I just wonder…if a husband and wife are going to sit down and have a serious discussion about his political future, I don’t really think they would have that discussion in Bhutan.

Speaking only for me, uh….if I were surrounded by phallic symbols while sitting there with my wife, a “serious political discussion” would be the FURTHEST thing from my mind!!!!! How about you guys?

Trust me, couples do NOT go to Bhutan to talk politics!!!!!!

I dunno what Kennedy and his wife were doing in Bhutan, probably just taking a litle vacation, but I can practically guarantee you that they were more focused on continuing the Kennedy family dynasty by adding another heir to their already-oversized brood than getting RFK Jr. a Senate seat.

24 12 2008
Jamie Holts

Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

24 12 2008

Thanks, Jamie. Great to have you here with us, your site rocks too!

Greg, I never stopped to think about it quite that way, buddy, but now that you “bring it up” (pardon the pun!), what you say about American couples visiting Bhutan is very true…and very, VERY funny!

Thanks for the laugh!:)

Tiger Haynes
(and yes, I think I would have trouble concentrating on ANYTHING else if I was in Bhutan with my wife, too!)

24 12 2008

TVA Coal Ash Spill Dec 22 2008
TVA spills over 500 million gallons of toxic coal waste into the Tennessee River you have to see this video…

Oh BOY… Think the Media isn’t bought and paid for now?!!! How about more Brittany stories… Yeah!

24 12 2008
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30 12 2008

The plot thickens….

turns out RFK Jr. had a special guest on his trip to Bhutan. Ready for this?

Try Christie Brinkley.

He talks about it here:

So I’ll concur with what Greg and Ed said above, I’d have to agree that if I were in Bhutan with Christie Brinkley (and my wife too, if she’s game!), politics would definitely be the *furthest* thought from my mind, too. Oh yea.

2 weeks in Bhtan with the newly-divorced Christie Brinkley…think of it, guys!

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