Kennedy to Testify on Capitol Hill Dec. 11

10 12 2008


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., strongly rumored to be a contender for the positions of Interior Secretary or head of the Environmental Protection Agency, will testify tomorrow before the House Select Committe on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

Yesterday’s announcement by the Interior Department of a new rule eliminating Congress’s authority to prevent new mining on public lands have escalated concerns about the Bush administration’s last ditch efforts to push through major regulatory rule changes to energy and environmental policies. From global warming to water quality to endangered species to clean air, the Bush administration is pushing harder than ever to advance its anti-environmental agenda by rescinding, changing, or issuing rules, with negative consequences for our natural resources, environment, and America’s energy policy.

A panel of environmental and regulatory experts will discuss the ramifications of these last-minute rulemakings at a hearing Thursday before Chairman Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

The Select Committee recently released a report detailing these frightening possible significant regulatory rule changes by the Bush administration in its final days. The report is entitled “Past is Prologue: For Energy and the Environment, the Bush Administration’s Last 100 Days Could Rival the First 100” and is available HERE. It highlights the major issues the public and the media should look out for in the closing days of an administration that possesses a sharp deregulatory bent.

WHAT: Select Committee hearing: “Approaching Midnight: Oversight of the Bush Administration’s Last-Minute Rulemakings.”

WHERE: Capitol Complex, Washington, DC, Room TBD

WHEN: Thursday, December 11th, 2008, 10:00 a.m

Keep an eye on C-SPAN tomorrow…the hearings will likely be televised.




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11 12 2008

This is great news! Not just that RFK is testifying as the countries’ resident expert and that of the people’s voice (For a change) but that this could possibly be a primer for his stepping into shoes taylor fit for him as an Obama Administration Head of the EPA.

No greater message at this point could put a cherry on top of the efforts to re-taking of our country from the wolves at the door of the hen house! I can’t wait to hear the news about the conference and about the EPA position… Maybe we can reverse the hostile takeover from crooks, liars and thieves… The real fascists… AKA Bush Administration insider cronies!

11 12 2008

C-SPAN is not carrying the hearings live, unfortunately. Maybe they will broadcast them later today or tonight, so keep an eye on their schedule, which is updated hourly.

But you can watch these energy hearings and RFK JR.’s testimony live RIGHT NOW at:

(Check it out! Ethel is sitting right behind him…showing her support.)

12 12 2008

Pump up the VOLUME for the planet and cheers! to our bringing those that “s#@! where they eat” to justice!!! (Until BUSH PARDON’S THEM)….

Environmental fugitives get own most-wanted list
By DINA CAPPIELLO, Associated Press Writer Dina Cappiello, Associated Press Writer
Wed Dec 10, 11:43 am ET

WASHINGTON – The government is starting a different kind of most-wanted list — for environmental fugitives accused of assaulting nature.

These fugitives allegedly smuggled chemicals that eat away the Earth’s protective ozone layer, dumped hazardous waste into oceans and rivers and trafficked in polluting cars.

And now the government wants help in tracking them down.

In its own version of the FBI most-wanted list, and the first to focus on environmental crimes, the Environmental Protection Agency is unveiling a roster of 23 fugitives, complete with mug shots and descriptions of the charges on its Web site at

A top EPA enforcement official said the people on the list represent the “brazen universe of people that are evading the law.” Many face years in prison and some charges could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

“They are charged with environmental crimes and they should be brought before the criminal justice system and have their day in court,” said Pete Rosenberg, a director in the agency’s criminal enforcement division.

On display will be John Karayannides, who allegedly helped orchestrate the dumping of 487 tons of wheat tainted with diesel fuel into the South China Sea in 1998. Karayannides is believed to have fled to Athens, Greece.

Also at large are the father and son team of Carlos and Allesandro Giordano, who were arrested in 2003 as the owners of Autodelta USA, a company that was illegally importing and selling Alfa Romeos that did not meet U.S. emission or safety standards. The two men are believed to be hiding out in Italy.

Raul Chavez-Beltran, another fugitive on the list, ran an environmental cleanup company in El Paso, Texas, that is accused of transporting hazardous waste from factories along the Mexican border and improperly disposing and storing it in the U.S. In one case, he allegedly stockpiled mercury-laced soil from an environmental spill in a warehouse.

The launch of the most-wanted list comes as EPA’s criminal enforcement has ebbed. In fiscal 2008, the EPA opened 319 criminal enforcement cases, down from 425 in fiscal 2004. And criminal prosecutors charged only 176 defendants with environmental crimes, the fewest in five years.

EPA officials defend the agency’s record, saying the agency has focused on bigger cases with larger environmental benefits.

But Walter D. James III, an environmental attorney based in Grapevine, Texas, says the EPA is critically understaffed to investigate environmental crimes. While the budget for the division has increased by $11 million since 2000, there are still only 185 criminal investigators. Congress authorized the EPA to hire 200 investigators in 1990.

James said that while the list could prompt the public to turn people in, he questioned whether it would deter others from committing environmental crimes.

“It’s like telling John Gotti he is a bad man,” James said. “Is that going to matter to John Gotti?”


On the Net:

EPA’s Most Wanted List:

15 12 2008

Taken 12/18/2008 from “The Past is Prologue” Article: On the topic of Water Quality…

Factory farms: EPA has already missed several deadlines to finalize a rule addressing whether concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are required to obtain permits under the Clean Water Act. Concerns abound from states, environmentalists, and the farming industry over the details of the rule. Will the rule allow farms to “self-certify” they have not discharged pollution, perhaps making it too easy for CAFOs to avoid regulation and fines for infractions? Will states with progressive CAFO rules be pre-empted by the new federal standard? Will fines be retroactively applied? Will farms have to treat manure to eliminate dangerous pathogens?

The final rule could come as early as this week, or at the very end of the Bush administration. Either way, challenges to the final rule – from one or both sides of the issue – appear inevitable.

Definition of “Waters of the United States”: There is concern that EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers may issue a revised guidance memo on how to interpret the phrase “waters of the United States” in the Clean Water Act, which determines what water bodies are subject to regulation under the Act. The current guidance was issued last June in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Rapanos v. United States. Many in the environmental community and the States see the current guidance as unjustifiably excluding too many waters from coverage under the Act, and that potential forthcoming revisions could further limit such coverage.

Only a self absorbed Lobbyist (Wolf in charge of the hen house — EPA) could muster a clarity issue over defining what water is and what is obviously a POINT SOURCE to contaminating it!!! Forget the fancy footwork… Call water what you want… This is about the origin of Point source contamination leading directly to Anthropromorphic EUTROPHICATION! It’s no wonder our water resources are as dead as our economy… There’s no intelligent life around to support them!

Of course a PIG FARM should treat its’ biomass it creates, before entering the watershed! Doesn’t the obvious Hyper-Eutrophic water bodies all around us in the U.S. these days give rise to SOMETHING BEING SERIOULSY WRONG?!!!

When there is no clean fresh water from this easily cured malady in a very short time… I’ll know at least I tried as well as all of us have to call out the real criminals responsible for this… We can reverse this condition, it just takes a little open mindedness and a whole lot less CORRUPT FASCISTS GUARDING THE HENHOUSE!!!!


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