The Next President’s First Task: Appoint RFK Jr. to the EPA

12 11 2008



The day after America’s presidential election, on November 5th, we started hearing of some possible Kennedy appointments in an Obama administration. President-elect Barack Obama is reported to be seriously considering Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for a cabinet position, either as head of the EPA or Interior Secretary.

Our team is thrilled by this news — we’ve wanted to see Kennedy play a more active role in our government for some time, and now it looks like he might just have that chance. Imagine an Environmental Protection Agency that is actually run by…an environmentalist! Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change? We think so.

We encourage our readers who support RFK Jr.’s possible appointment to contact President-elect Obama and let him know you want Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to serve in his administration.

Do it here:

Let your voices be heard — NOW is the time to show the President-elect your support for RFK Jr.!




One response

13 11 2008
Donna Taylor

I have just written to President Elect Obama with my cabinet recommendations: that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. be considered to head either the EPA, the Dept of Interior, or even become our next Attorney General.

Thank you for putting the website link to contact our next President. What a wonderful feeling for American voters to be able to have a say in our government. I hope everyone writes!

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