Kennedy Campaigns for Obama in the West

10 10 2008
Robert F Kennedy Jr will be headed to northern New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada along with Arturo Rodriguez, President of the United Farm Workers, to campaign on behalf of Barack Obama this week.RFK Jr will be in Las Vegas, Mora, Taos and Santa Fe tomorrow for events. For the details on when and where in each town, see below.

The Kennedy name is still very popular in northern New Mexico, even nearly five decades after John F Kennedy, Jr. was President.  

LP :: Robert F Kennedy Jr Headed to Northern NM Tomorrow

Economic Roundtable
Margaret J. Kennedy Alumni Hall
New Mexico Highlands University
Las Vegas, NM
10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Environmental Issues Roundtable
VFW Post 1131
Main Street
Mora, NM 87732
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Early Vote Rally
601 Lovato Place
Taos, NM 87571
2:15 – 3:00 p.m.

Canvass Kickoff
3494 Zafarano Drive, Suite B
Santa Fe, NM 87507
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Kennedy Jr. and Rodriguez will be in Aspen on Saturday to campaign for Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The two men, along with well-known actor and activist Edward James Olmos, will take part in a community forum at the Paepcke Auditorium on the Aspen Meadows campus, 1000 N. 3rd St., from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

The general public is invited.

Kennedy and Rodriguez headed to Boulder, Colo. on Thursday to campaign for Obama. Kennedy lives in Los Angeles and is head of the environmental group Waterkeeper Alliance.

Obama aides say Kennedy and Rodriguez are touring Colorado and New Mexico to talk about environmental concerns in the West.


The Associated Press contributed this story, and erroneously reported that RFK Jr. lives in Los Angeles. Kennedy has been a resident of New York State for more than 25 years.



2 responses

10 10 2008

Even more of a reason not to vote for Obama. Of course the Kennedy’s of old are of the same moral fiber so I guess it make sense. I know….awaiting moderation

17 10 2008


I am not sure what you are refering to when you say it is even more of a reason to vote for Obama. You seem to be implying something with your remark.

No one is forcing you to vote for Obama. I personally am not voting for him but for Ralph Nader at this point because Obama hasn’t proven to me that he is worthy of my vote. People have different reasons and different issues that are important to them. I know I don’t just vote for someone because someone else who I may respect tells me to. I have my own mind.

For me the most important issue is honesty. Do I trust what the person is saying is true? Will he speak the hard truth to the American people or will he lie? There have been to many lies over the years spoken by people in our government that many Americans like myself don’t know if we can trust them. Obama already has been caught in lies, McCain has been caught in lies, so on my most important issue of if I will vote for someone they failed. I am not afraid to stand up and tell anyone why I am voting third party or why I left the Democratic party and became Green.

On another important issue for me the environment Obama and McCain support Clean Coal. There is no such thing as Clean Coal so once again Obama and McCain are taking the side of large corporate power and what is best for them over what is best for America and the American people.

I can list other examples of of why I think both Obama and McCain are not worthy of my vote but the last one I will list is the FISA. Obama promised that he would vote against it. People trusted him and when the vote came he voted for it.

I think there is nothing wrong with being honest and open. Even people we disagree with can respect someone who is honest, truthful, and fair. I know people from all different walks of life. We may not agree but at least they know that in a fight where I think they are having their civil rights violated I will be there to stand up for them because it is the morally right thing to do. They know I am fighting against their views spreading, but if I see them being denied their rights I will stand up and defend them.

What I am saying to you honeycat I am not afraid to say to Obama’s face. I don’t know Obama and I don’t think I will ever have a conversion with him, but I am not afraid to say the truth to his face and look into his eyes as I say it.

I tend to be a loyal friend. I tend to defend my friends and many times take something terrible meant for them upon myself so they don’t have to deal with it. Once someone is in my heart as my friend they are always my friend no matter what. We may get angry and not talk to each other for 20 years but they are still my friends. I don’t turn off my feelings of love and friendship like one turns on and off the light switch.

You made a comment about Kennedy’s and moral fiber. Have you ever known any in real life? Have you ever spent time and socialized with any Kennedy? I have!! Even though I haven’t seen Joe or Sheila for 20 years, and we had our misunderstandings and misjudgements I will still stand up and defend them to anyone as I have done in the past.

There are people like you and my mother who can’t find anything nice to say about the Kennedy’s and hate the fact that I would befriend one. Even though I haven’t talked to Joe or Shiela in many years just about a year ago I think now, she called me into her room and she pointed and said Joe was on Bill O’Reily ( she loves him Bill and Fox News). She asked what I thought about Joe and I said I thought he was right and he looked good. I got abused over that answer because it wasn’t the answer that she wanted. I can take whatever she wants to dish out. I get called stupid and other choice words because I dare to say the truth. I don’t think you want to find anything nice so you ignore all the good things that they have done to help people who needed help.

I haven’t seen Joe in 20 years but I read about him. He is still working with the company he founed to help people have heat in the Winter, he has helped out in food kitchens that feed the poor and homeless in Boston, and I for one am proud of him that he does care enough to fight for those who need his help. I know Joe isn’t perfect and Joe has made mistakes. I also know I have made many mistakes in my life and so I don’t judge people the way I have been judged in life. Anyway, inspite of everything I am still his friend and I will still fight for him if he ever needs a helping hand in the fight against bad guys.

People like you and my mother judge people not based on facts but on rumors and hearsay. Half-truths turned into lies. The lies become so strong that the truth dies. That is what is wrong in America today the truth died, Justice died, and being willing to stand up and fight against evil has died too. In its place greed, lies, cowardness and hate has replaced the true American values this country was founded on.

I have never met Bobby in person, but as I am not afraid to tell Joe the truth I would not be afraid to look into Bobby’s eyes and tell him the truth either. I have that strong Celtic spirit. Sometimes it is not a blessing because I think people don’t know how to deal with such a passionate woman. One of my common phrases that I tell people is I am not afraid of you. I say what I feel in my heart. I am not afraid to say they are jerks when I think they are. They also know if I think they are being treated unfairly I will fight along side of them against all odds and most important they know that I am willing to die if need be for truth, justice, and honor. I think that is why I know people from all walks of life.

Anyway, I know Joe is a big boy and can fight for himself, but at the same time it is always nice to know that when the going gets tough that you have a friend who will fight along side you if you ever need it and not leave you holding the bag and having to fight the enemy by yourself.

I will close by saying it is your choice who you want to vote for, but I would hope instead of hiding behind nasty little comments that you can at least list your reasons like I can list mine. At least I have an open mind and am willing to be shown that Obama is worthy of my vote, but to be honest time is running out and Raplph Nader seems like he is the most honest.

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