No, They Wouldn’t Dare Steal Another Election…Or Would They?

5 09 2008


*Will the 2008 election be stolen? You’ve GOT to see this video! (Might as well have a laugh, eh?)

But seriously…they did it in 2000, 2004, and may have a plan for this November, too. So be informed and ready to fight back! Be sure to check out Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s article, “Was the 2004 election Stolen?” and learn how he’s trying to prevent it from happening again in 2008.

Bobby is also working with investigative journalist Greg Palast on a separate voting integrity project called Steal Back Your Vote. RFK Jr. appears in the video with Palast below:

Both of these projects, (a byproduct of the Democratic party), and (totally nonpartisan) need your support right now! Please consider making a financial contribution to help fund these very worthwhile efforts.




One response

5 09 2008

Are you talking about the 1960 election where the Daley machine in Chicago stuffed ballot boxes for the Democrats to ensure the election of Kennedy by the narrowest of margins? Or the election in the Democrat primary in the 50’s for Senate, when they stole the election for LBJ by voting names out of the cemetery. An election decided by around 200 votes.

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