RFK Jr. Events During DNC Week in Denver

11 08 2008
Will RFK Jr. address the convention? Stay tuned...

Will RFK Jr. address the convention? Stay tuned...


If you’re headed to Denver for this year’s historic Democratic National Convention, here are a couple of events you won’t want to miss:

On Wednesday, August 27, the Kennedy family hosts a celebration of the RFK Memorial’s 40th Anniversary featuring:

Ethel Kennedy
Beth and Joseph Kennedy, II
Kathleen and David Townsend
Mary and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Senator and Mrs. Edward M. Kennedy
Kerry Kennedy
Vicki and Max Kennedy
Senator Hillary Clinton
Mayor John Hickenlooper
Senator John Kerry
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid

This once-in-a-lifetime affair brings together family and friends to mark 40 years of making a difference and will benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial.

The reception is from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM on August 27 at Denver’s
Brown Palace Hotel, 321 17th Street.


Champion: $5,000

Activist: $1,000

Advocate: $500

To RSVP or for more information call: 202-463-7575, ext. 301

Click here to view PDF File of Printable RSVP Card:


Looks like that Wednesday will be a busy one for Bobby. He’s also slated to give the keynote address at SUNFEST, hosted by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) at Coors Field in Denver.

The solar festival will not only feature the speech from RFK Jr. and remarks by national and local elected officials, but the latest in solar energy technology will be on display for the public along with live entertainment by the Chuck McDermott Band (band that performs with Bonnie Raitt) and other celebrity guests.

Certainly sets a good tone for what is being touted as the “greenest” political convention in history.

Here’s the lowdown:

WHAT: SEIA SUNFEST 2008 outdoor concert and solar festival

WHO: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Colorado Governor Bill Ritter
U.S. Senator Ken Salazar (CO)
U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter (CO-7)
U.S. Representative John Hall (NY-19)
Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper
Rhone Resch, president of SEIA

WHEN: Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Noon — 4 p.m. MDT

WHERE: Coors Field
2001 Blake Street
(Entrance on Wynkoop Walkway and 19th Street)

Some of our more observant readers may have already noticed that Kennedy’s engagements seem to overlap that afternoon. Sunfest runs from noon-4 p.m. and the RFK Memorial reception is from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., so a bit of creative scheduling might be required if you plan to attend both events. The good news is – they are just a few blocks apart and shuttles run constantly.

As for the Really Big Question we keep getting asked – “is RFK Jr. going to speak at the convention?” – we ask you to hang in there a little bit longer while details of who’s-speaking-when are being finalized. An announcement will be posted here very, very soon…




7 responses

12 08 2008
Jack Mosel

Hey RFK! If you or someone with backbone like you addresses the American People in our greatest time of need at the DNC, why dooesn’t someone call out Dick Cheney and George Bush. I mean really call out the sons of bitches at the convention!

Have them be accountable for the degredation and demise they have caused to our great nation. Tell Dick that he can’t have his Neo CON New World Order.. Tell him that his newest autocratic line item war with Russia wont stand! Tell him we know about his and Boy George’s little tare they had with the rape and pillage of the U.S. over the last 8 friggin years! tell him that the world sees how vile we have become and that we won’t tolerate being his cannon fodder any longer…

If they are going to hear it from someone Robert, it should appropriately come from you!!!

While you’re at it… Tell Obama that we’re backing him, but thanx to Ronnie Raygun… We’ll trust but verify now! Tell Obama that he’ll have a hell of a lot of crap to clean up before we can get anything done.. If we can get anything done! Tell Nancy Pelosi that her Legacy “first Woman Speaker of the House” was a disgrace and that she really did nothing but made taking women seriously in politics very dubious and probably ran the clock back about 30 years for them, because of her spineless and Neo-Con envy or fear… Tell American women like Ms. Sheehan of California, that we need to embrace more patriots like her. One’s that will get the job done and who wont cower or sell the hell out their own country.

Usher in the “decade of the whistle blower”. Make exposing corrupt political old school trash shiek and encourage transparency in government! Accountability and honor not how can I get greased by my political office bullshit or what freeking paramilitary NWO defense contracting business can I start after my votes are bought and paid for in the Senate or the Congress!!! Tell the country that the new NAZI Fourth Reich won’t stand… Not on our watch! Tell the media to start reporting news again! Tell Osama Bin Laden that we’re comin’ and that Boy George and Uncle Dick can’t hide him anymore!!! I wish you could get away with telling all of us that you believe 9/11/2001 was an inside job but I know that even you have boundaries… Maybe you could hint that re-investigating it with honest, unbiased shills could be at least thought about… For the Widows and Kids of hereos Mr. Kennedy… I had to get that in there (for them).

Give ’em Hell Bobby! We expect it and they’ll fear it!!!

14 08 2008
New Frontier

Jack, I agree that not only should Bobby get major play at this year’s convention, he should also take that opportunity to speak his truth!!!

His truth…and his alone. Not anybody else’s version of the truth (we all have our own personal versions of truth). We want to hear HIS truth.
How else can we evaluate him as a potential future candidate but to know what he believes?

I don’t know how Bobby feels about 9/11 (being a Kennedy, one might suspect he knows more than a little about inside jobs)…but I agree with you that if he has doubts, he should voice them in a forum like the DNC where millions will hear and ask themselves the same questions.

Remember that at the 2004 convention, a young man named Barack Obama put himself on thepolitical map by speaking his truth against the Iraq war…at a time when it wasn’t very fashionable to question the president’s “wisdom”.

So you can surely see the value of bringing your truth to the table at these conventions. And if there was ever a time for RFK, that time is NOW!

For the sake of the 9/11 victims, in whose names these disastrous wars of aggression have been waged…in whose names millions of others have died…it is time to ask questions NOW. Let’s not wait 40 years, as we did with the JFK/RFK/MLK murders, to try and get some answers.

Whatever Bobby chooses to say at the DNC, expect it to be his truth. And it will be the truth.

Am still waiting for an update as to when RFK Jr. will be speaking…it most likely will be Monday night, during the tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy.

Stay tuned. I’ll post something here as soon as I get the final word from Bobby.

14 08 2008
Jack Mosel

Thanks New Frontier for hope and a board that we all have been dilliegent in sticking to our agenda and not what the freekin’ polls tell us. Our candidate at least if not for president (this time) is to get our man in the game and out in front again. The last Kennedy….

92,675 visitors this month.. Why is that? RFK, Jr. isn’t even running… It’s the will of the people that’s why. I just got done watching “Bobby” the movie.. Damn…. He called for nothing less than a total house cleaning, his platform was nothing more than honest government and decent living for our country. Race relations and ending a ludacris war which was what we now know was a freekin’ set up and a false flag operation.

We are in rough shape today August of 2008. We are in a dictatorship from a President who rigged elections, was complicit in numerous acts of treachery and treason, broke his solemn oath to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution and who caters to the continuation of corruption and Fascism at the highest levels within OUR Government! When was the last freekin’ bone this schmuck even threw at our feet to keep us the slightest bit happy?! Not even Minimum Wage or Stem Cell research did this bum of a traitor and his evil corrupt V.P. dark lord overseer even restrain themselves from their self serving purposes to give one iota of hope and good to the people of this great nation… Pricks and thieves.

RFK also spoke of the fact that the world looks to us as their hope in their uncertainty. How this rings true today as well.

We have been overthrown by enemies from within. We need Robert Kennedy Jr. as well as Colin Powell and all other patriot Generals of who we have lost which are too numerous to list. These Generals are all gone… They quit! They wouldn’t stand for backing up the sellout of their country! We need them back!!!

They say to speak of HOPE now is to speak in terms of baseless optimism and playing to the crowds… Well, all we had was hope in our very beginning and the framers of this nation warned that this day was coming… Eisenhower and JFK warned of it, RFK was going to so something about it… We know now it is true and we know now what “they’ll” do if “They” feel threatened from someone who will do something about it…

Bullshit! Bullshit Bullshit! I say…

Drop Bombs Bobby! Drop Bombs Obama! Don’t fizzle in the footsteps of great men who haven’t come as far as you have come now or have lost their lives in getting this far, they didn’t give their lives… they were taken from them!!! Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, don’t you get in the way of these men… You had your chance, you blew it, let go, get on or be dragged!

Rat out the scum, call them by their names! Haliburton, Bush, Rove, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Zelicow, Libby…

Russia, Iran, Saudi, Pakistan, China will know that we won’t be effective for anything except more cowrdly corruption, lies, manipulation and bogus wars for oil and greed lusting if we don’t rein in the devils we’ve created and allowed this ilk to ruin our great nation and our world!

“Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live.” — Robert F. Kennedy

Man I hope Kennedy reads this stuff! God Speed and this is the shot…

Give ’em hell Bobby!

16 08 2008
Colorado Democrat

I’m a longtime “Kennedy “Democrat” and Denver resident. I’ll be at the convention this year and am STILL waitinig to hear when/if RFK Jr. is going to speak inside the main hall.

Did the Dems “forget” to ask him? huh?

Please tell me he is going to be a featured speaker this year…he shuld be!!! but from the looks of the schedule i have, he’s not even on the bill….or not yet!?!?!?

21 08 2008

I am not surprised to see that Bobby is NOT on the speaker’s list. I am very mindful that Caroline Kennedy has lots of power over this convention and campaign. A FRIEND OF BOBBY NOT! It was sad to see the little feuds in that family being played out in public, but that is what happened.

Bobby Jr. has too much class to even think of being “candid” about this. All he would “almost” say, when he went his own way, in supporting Hillary against Obama & against Uncle Ted, and against Cousin Princess Caroline, is that as Americans, we all have the opportunity to support who we want to support. We don’t know why he really supported Hillary, of course, we have to give the doubt that he did think her most competent.

Lots of folks seem to like the idea of Caroline being chosen as V.P. I would not like that at all. I don’t think she deserves it or is capable of being our next President. She has written a few books, most of them poetry books. She has most recently worked in fundraising & development for NYCity’s public school system. She now has some experience campaigning for Presidency on a national level. I don’t think this resume offers me much, as somebody I want for President.

She is supposed to be helping Sen. Obama “vet’ his Vice Presidential choice. If he does seclect her, as some people hope he does, it will ultimately make them both look very foolish. Right now, it’s her job to see a “fair” selection is made, not to promote herself.

I compare her pithy record to the amazing work Bobby Jr. has done for the Rivers and ecology in re State of New York, the many position papers he has written as a steward for our planet, the years and hard research he has done on many related issues that concern all Americans. He who can advocate for the planet, can surely advocate for our country.

Caroline knows that if Bobby spoke at that convention, it would be all OVER for Obamma! Folks, would say, let’s play it like Bush 41 before Clinton. Give the Republicans their man, and then in four years we WILL HAVE A ROCKSTAR CANDIDATE who is a CLEAR WINNER! When Bobby runs it will not be about being 4 points ahead in the polls.

There are lots of very nasty things written about both candidates. And who knows, they might BOTH be disqualified before they even get to White House. And THEN, what do we do?

All I will say today, at the risk of stirring dissent, which I do not want to do here, but must take that risk, is that as a Jew, I am very disturbed by all the “conspiracy 9/11” remarks I am finding here. So many of these are the same people who think W.W.II Concentration Camps were a fantasy. I can not and will not support anti-Semetism, especially in the form, of Holocost denial/revission.

Many of you forget that Bobby Sr. was MURDERED in cold blood by a Palestinian Terrorist. Yes, the Kennedys are compassionate and they do not support capital punishment. I do not see Bobby, Jr. having “romantic” notions about “Palestinian Freedrom Fighters”. In terms of a “Manchurian Candidate”? Sadly, a crazy person can be a complicated, deadly piece of work without any help from a “spook agency. Just look at all those women, children, and handicapped children who are being sent into Israel and other parts of world as HUMAN AMMO!

That is how bad things are. We are witnessing a society of people who send maimed, retarded babies off as human ammunition to explode in Israelie markets to kill and main other innocents. Before you romantasize the Palestinian Freedom Fighters, please think about those babies and children being used as a “ticket to paradise”.

It’s real sad that Bobby, Jr.; has to confront this issue “over here”, amongst his earliest supporters. I never dreamed I would have to be writing a “rant” like this, over here, in “RFK-2008”; but so it goes. We all need to think real hard about these issues, because they are not likely to go away soon. I will pray, against hope, it does melt away. This guy is too good to loose on any issue, but putting him in office; to give us back what was savagely taken away from us that June Day in 1968. Bobby K, Jr. is not about hate; we are getting closer to seeing the beautiful face of the Lord, if only we all, including Bobby, have the courage, to March. It’s our duty to support, it’s Bob’s duty to RUN, AND RUN AS HARD AS HE CAN!

l just have to wait and pray that the ugly head of anti-semetism does not rear it’s head here. And please don’t tell me that Anti-Semetism is not related to Israel! It was, it is, and always will be.

24 08 2008
Jack Mosel

I concur Frosty… My views, personal to me, re: the ‘inside job’ related to 9/11, are not anti-semetic and my stepfather was a young man in The Hague, Holland during the Nazi occupation. The concentration camps were horrifyingly real (of course). Bobby would be a ‘Rock Star’ in 2012… I agree we aren’t ready for Caroline, nor did she appear eager for the office and public exposure. However, anything remotely Kennedy to me seems like a breath of fresh air…

Let’s hope that ‘regime change’ here is possible. Let’s hope for a cleaning of clocks.
Let’s hope that justice gets a reprive.
Let’s hope our constitution can be revitalized.
Let’s hope our highest office isn’t so badly fascist that we can even get next to democracy!
Let’s hope that not finding (or even looking for) OSAMA BIN LADEN wasn’t a freekin hoax!
Let’s hope that you and I don’t get painted as terrorists next by the new SS from ze homeland!
Let’s hope that we’ll put everything that needs to go back on the freekin table… Back on the table, when these bums leave!
Cripes! we treat criminals today like feekin’ heroes and celebs! Let’s hope we get Rove arrested for being the traitor he is!

and… Let’s ROLL already!

25 08 2008
vicki kennedy

[…] II Kathleen and David Townsend Mary and Robert F. kennedy Jr. Senator and Mrs. Edward M. Kennehttp://rfkin2008.wordpress.com/2008/08/11/rfk-jr-events-during-dnc-week-in-denver/Vicki kennedyMy life as a massage therapist… take a deep breath and relax! … vicki kennedy – […]

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