Opinion: Obama is NOT the Next RFK

21 07 2008

* We’d like to share with our readers this Letter to the Editor of the Washingtonian in response to a recent article asking “Is Barack Obama the next RFK?”

The author (who is a frequent commentator on this blog) sent us a copy and granted permission to post it here at the Kennedy for President website as well. We think you’ll enjoy what she has to say.



To: The Editorial Staff of the Washingtonian 

I thank you for allowing me and like-minded others to address this important issue.  Your article on RFK was very painful to read, as I was a young, passionate campaigner in that glorious quest that was Robert Kennedy For President in 1968. 

What is all this nonsense of comparing Obama to Robert Kennedy?  Are all of you deaf and blind to the fact that one of the most charismatic, capable, and noble of men is alive and well?

He is right now one of the smartest stewards of Planet Earth.  A man who draws crowds of strangers who walk away disciples.  A man capable of leading when major societal surgery is necessary.  A man who will appeal to cross generations of Americans, a man who can appeal to Blacks, Muslims, Jews and Catholics alike.  A man who will once again inspire our youth with patriotism and give them effective programs, like JFK’s Peace Corps,  in which to invest their talents and skills in a way that supports our country at large. 

He is a man every inch his father’s son and his name is ROBERT F KENNEDY, JR!  

We missed the opportunity this year, but I pray somebody in agreement with me, somebody REAL powerful and passionate about Bobby Kennedy Sr. will see the light and get RFK’s torch in his hand.

There is a group of devoted volunteers and Kennedy supporters who have started a web site and petition to encourage RFK Jr. to run for the White House. I invite readers, or whoever happens to read this in editorial office to take a peek at http://www.RFKin2008.com

I have nothing against Obama, but he does not move me like Kennedy, Jr. does and I can not, for example, see him coaxing Americans to find and implement radical new ways of transportation to keep ourselves alive in the years to come.  Our enviromental policy has been disasterous; we can no longer keep giving our money and wealth away to the Arab Emerates.  We live in deadly serious times that cry for a level of charisma, common sense, and leadership that I have only seen evidenced in Bobby, Jr.  As Barry Goldwater, a good friend of JFK, used to say, “In your Heart You Know He’s Right!”. 

Right now the dreams of many of us who were behind Bobby Kennedy for 2008 seem dimmed.  However, the times we are living in are so crazy, this campaign has gone off into the most aberrant directions in both campaigns that yes, I CAN, visualize millions of voters going to the polls and drafting our Next President.  After all that is going down, what was once unthinkable is now plausable.


— Suzanne Silverstein




5 responses

21 07 2008
New Frontier


Suzanne, you said exactly what I’ve been yelling from the rooftops for over a year now:

“Yo, Democrats! You want another RFK?

Why don’t you take a closer look at RFK Jr.? He’s standing right in front of you!”

Thanks for the outstanding Letter to the Editor. Hope they get several more like yours.

BTW, if our readers want to chime in, send your letters to editorial@washingtonian.com

22 07 2008


You spoke from the heart and with passion. Great letter.

I agree with you this is a crazy election. We have many voters who feel that they have been left out of the process. I personally go back and forth with Obama. I think of how he voted on FISA and it makes me wonder if he is an honest man who can be trusted. Look at all the lies we have had to live with these past 8 years. I dont’ want another President that I have to wonder if he is telling me the truth or if this is just another promise he is making that will be broken. Right now I don’t want to vote for Obama because he hasn’t proven to me that he is worthy of my vote. Then I think John McCain and heaven help us.

We have both Democrats and Republicans who are not happy with the process up to this point and feel that the voices of the reguluar people in their own seperate parties are not being listen to, but that the will of the people has been replaced by what the party bosses want.

Yes, I believe there is a growing number of us from both parties who would vote for an Independent who they knew was telling them the truth, who listened to the people, and fought the important battles that need to be fought to save this country.

22 07 2008

Well, isn’t Obama the PRESUMPTIVE nominee? Could RFK jr jump in somehow?

I agree with Chrissy. Obama’s FISA law and his move to the “center” (really the Right) is very discouraging. I don’t buy all that garbage that he is the most “liberal” member of Congress. Obama is a moderate, not a liberal.

I wasn’t that crazy about Clinton because she never apologized for her Iraq war vote and she voted for Kyl-Lieberman. And her nasty campaign against Obama was a turn off. But I don’t think Obama is the second coming of JFK/RFK, either.

If RFK Jr challenged him, I’d back RFK jr all the way. Too bad he couldn’t at run as an Independent or a Green. He’d give Obama and McCain a run for their money!

23 07 2008
michael seratt

i have recently attended meetings in tribute to sen. robert kennedy. one of them at the hospital where he died. because i talk about him all the time some people think i live in the past. but i tell them his legacy is alive! camelot has continued to this daywith all kennedy family,friends, and supporters. i’m sure every one at this website agrees. one of the meetings i attended said mlk was the dream,rfk the hope,and jfk democracy. even though all of these goals have been cancelled in varying degrees in the years since we can still move towards reaching those goals. this year sen. obama has brought excitement to the Presidential campaign like no other. i hope everyone will consider sen. ted kennedys words earlier this year-“if you supported jfk and rfk vote for obama.” change is coming and hopfully change that goes somwhere.

26 07 2008

I thank you all for your kind response. Sometimes we all can look back at our writing, and we know when we were really inspired, when it seemed as though another force just picked up our pens & went off with the flow, above & beyond. I just pray that Bobby, Jr. will heed the call. It’s not an easy call for him to heed, obviously. He saw his father shot in cold blood. The mood of our country is capable of getting quite nasty right now.

Like many of you, I have been shocked at the way all these candidates, have gotten away with fibbing. Even admitting to untruths with a shrug of the shoulders & a giggle! There was nothing trival about Hillary b.s.ing about the danger she was in at a certain time and place that never happend. There was nothing trivial to Jews who had to listen to the scary words of “Uncle” Jerimiah Wright. Yes, Obama did refute him, but not until he was caught fibbing about never being around when Rev. Wright would go off on his nasty speeches, inspired by Black Muslim leader, Farrakhan. And, there was nothing trivial about all the waffling going in the Republican party.

So, we have a situation of basic dishonesty and distrust still operating at high levels. It’s a matter, once again, of who is the LEAST offensive of candidates. We desperately need best of best for BOTH sides. This is no time for a mediocre candidate to lead our country. Truthfully, I feel sorry for anybody who walks into Whitehouse come next Winter. It will be one wild ride for our entire country and may we all have the fortitude for it!

All your responses to my letter were wonderful. I do think that “New Frontier” had it right. We really need to send a bunch of like-minded letters to Washingtontonian editor. One little voice is just wind down an empty tunnel. We have yet to hear Bob Dylan’s answer to Blowin in the Wind!

I thank the very kind remarks of the blog’s owner. Every writer dreams of making connections like this with other people. It takes courage to disagree, but I find it sublime to find others in agreement!

Blessings to all of you for having the courage to be here, at this blog. Let’s pray Bobby, Jr. will feel his father’s spirit. Let’s all visualize that torch in Bobby’s hand, and maybe in our lifetime, sooner than we think, we’ll see Bobby’s son touched by grace and takin it home!

I have also sent a letter to Obamma’s team, to consider Bobby Jr. for a very powerful position in Obama administration, if Mr. Obama should win. Let him be our next energy czar for example. Let Obamma know we need the talent’s of Bobby, Jr. If he is serious about good leader, he must get the best & brightest around him.

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