Kennedy on “Fox and Friends” 6/18

19 06 2008


This report comes to us from Deborah at News Hounds. They watch Fox so you don’t have to!

Mike Gallagher Can’t Keep Up with RFK Jr. on Fox

Only FOX News would think of pairing Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mike Gallagher for a debate on energy issues. Yesterday morning (June 18, 2008), FOX Friends were buzzing about John McCain’s recent flip flop on offshore drilling and a Rasmussen poll saying 67% favor off shore drilling. Instead of having Kennedy on as an informed voice on this issue, they decided to cloud the issue with the help of uninformed right wing talker, Mike Gallagher.

Kennedy explained that all the proposed domestic drilling would only produce 2% of the needed oil. He noted that a better alternative would be reducing consumption. He made the important point that a one mile per gallon change would generate more oil than could be drained from ANWR.

Mike Gallagher jumped in with a typical radio talking point calling Kennedy’s suggestion a “warm and fuzzy bromide.” He claimed 2% was “huge” and repeated the daily mantra that 67% want drilling off shore.Kennedy informed viewers that although off shore drilling should be a states rights issue, California experienced an oil spill creating a huge disaster for the state.

When Gallagher challenged him on nuclear energy, Kennedy made the point that the nuclear industry can’t get insurance because the power plants are too unsafe. Gallagher’s only response was to attack with the same tired points using terms like “global warming crowd” and even bringing up “polar bears”.

After the debate, a clip about air cars was shown and Alisyn Camerota called them “ugly” and quipped about air power, “How great! There seems to be a lot of that around here. I mean hot air.” Then she made this unenlightened observation about the air cars. ” Not going to pick up chicks in that car.”

Oh, but it gets snarkier still. Now, check out Mike Gallagher’s own version of events on his blog:

Meeting him in the Fox News Channel’s green room before the appearance, I began to have some concerns. I’m the kind of guy who likes to have a little friendly banter, even with someone I disagree with. Mr. Kennedy pretty clearly does not, at least not with me. I asked him how his uncle Ted was doing, joked about us being invited to be on the “early morning” shift that day (our appearance aired at 6:15am), and did everything I could to try and establish that, contrary to the way many liberals believe, a conservative like me doesn’t have any horns or fangs.

He wasn’t buying it.

To describe Mr. Kennedy as aloof might be the understatement of the century. The Kennedy family might be a lot of things, but for RFK, Jr., “warm and fuzzy” doesn’t exactly come to mind.

And the ice didn’t thaw much once we got out onto the set and began the segment. The host directed the first question to him and he launched into a fairly lengthy monologue that reflected his many years of leading the “let’s go green” brigade.

When he got to the part about how the United States should be more like countries like Iceland and Costa Rica in terms of energy conservation, I couldn’t take it any more. As I finally got to speak my mind about the scare tactics of Kennedy’s disciples on the loony left — those who bellow about carbon footprints, a “planet in peril”, the evil Republicans like me who believe in drilling in just about every square inch of our country so that we don’t have to pay 10 dollars a gallon some day — the look of rage on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s face was priceless.

If I thought he didn’t like me much in the greenroom, he positively loathed me out there in that TV studio.

…And I realized that this is a man who is probably rarely, if ever, challenged in public or private. The global warming hysterics don’t just offer opinions and beliefs about greenhouse gases and the like. These are people who speak as if they belong to a cult.

Yet many of them are hopelessly hypocritical.

As angry as Kennedy was with me, I decided not to remind him of his well-publicized opposition to wind-powered turbines near the Kennedy compound at Cape Cod, Massachusetts because it would spoil the view.

I really thought he might become unhinged.

Funny – to me, it looked like Mike was the one who was about to blow a gasket.

Watch the video on FauxNews and you tell us who-handed-who his hat!




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20 06 2008

Yes, I saw this and I thought Mike Gallagher was really rude to RFK Jr., talking over him and being condescending towards him. He used the same tired GOP talking points about how environmentalists are fear-mongers and that environmentalism is a religion blah blah blah. You could tell at the end of the segment that RFK Jr. was getting really annoyed with this guy. What, pray tell, makes Gallagher an expert on environmental matters, anyway? If you don’t want to click over to the Faux News website, you can watch the segment on

20 06 2008

According to a commenter at Newshounds:

I haven’t read all of the comments so I don’t know if this has been mentioned. I listen to Mike’s radio show every morning on the way to work and this morning he was talking about his debate with Kennedy. Most of the time I disagree with Gallagher and even get angry with him sometimes. This morning I was so offended and disgusted when Gallagher kept making fun of the way Kennedy talks. He said several times “I’m not making fun of him…..” but that’s exactly what he was doing. He also hinted that Kennedy’s voice is like that due to his drug use when he was younger. I was so mad I actually e-mailed Gallagher when I got to work, and I’ve never e-mailed a talk show host before. He kept bragging about how he really put Kennedy in his place, etc. But now that I’ve seen the video, I realize Gallagher just looked like the ass that he is.
Jo | 06.18.08 – 8:13 pm | #

I never thought RFK Jr would ever debate someone more stupid and nasty than Glenn Beck. I guess Gallagher proves me wrong.

20 06 2008
Jack Mosel

I’m seeing a “Trend” that is upsetting… Right wingers, Neo-Cons and Fascist lobbyst bobble heads, are shrouded in the guise of being credible by prefacing them or annointing them with qualifications which in some way give credo to them as being anything like credible unbiased and in the least informed… Their titles have appeared as “Some radio talk show host” or some “Contributor” or some “Republican Party representative” not an elected official but a “representative”…

The Fear mongering and Global Warming nuts…

The Fear mongering and bullying of Republican enthusiasts are about as fair and balanced as a Fox guarding the Hen House… I heard no personal attacks from RFK,Jr on this BAFOON. I heard information and suggested solutions to a folly of offshore drilling that won’t even satiate 2% of our present needs in gasoline and won’t be available even if we start today, for ten years… Ten more years of BUSHLEAGUE and CHENEYESQUE Grafting of what’s left to our name and pocketbook… Let me guess, HALIBURON is going to do the drilling as well and cheney, being out of orrifice now can openly reap the huge bounty for this debacle???

Kennedy was telling facts, this BAFOON was rebel rousing and crass, rude and offered nothing to the conversation except for smear talking points and yes spouting more fear and loathing… Just like a good REPUBLICAN POTTED PLANT!!!

I can’t wait till OBAMA takes the office of President. I can’t wait till we get some real AMERICANS in office, who are patriotic for real and feel a sense of duty to do what’s right for our failing nation as a direct result of these pawns and puking shoe peeing pundants who are paid for in full by corporations who have something to gain from our loss…

Not again, we have trusted these self serving bastards long enough to nearly lose everything we’ve built from the ground up… These past 7 years haven’t produced anything beneficial at all period. Nothing. Now we are supposed to magically forgive this largely Republican /partywide crimespree with affording them credibility to have ANYTHING to say in terms of our best footing from here?!!!

Watchout for the landslide NEO-CONS in Republicans’ clothing…

Just bobble heads on “FIXED NEWS”… Why are they always so mad… So quick to smirk and so ready to throw shit at anyone who appears to be of the mind-set that offers a fair and balanced view? Hey look it’s THEIR PARTY THAT F*CKED UP! How bout that great Republican thinking to offer gas guzzling S.U.V owners a tax encentive?! to own one???


Now own it… Immature and unsettled Neo Con Babies… Can’t see the forset (they burnt down) from the smoke that still lingers!!!!

Fair and Balanced??? My ASS!

20 06 2008
Jack Mosel

“Methyl bromide, labeled with a DANGER signal word, is an extremely toxic vapor. In humans, methyl bromide is readily absorbed through the lungs. Most problems occur as a result of inhalation. About 1,000 human poisoning incidents caused by methyl bromide exposure have been documented, with effects ranging from skin and eye irritation to death. Most fatalities and injuries occurred when methyl bromide was used as a fumigant.” Taken from internet: 06/20/2008 from

NEO-CON, bobble head, talking pointers should choose their words they “Affix” to people who actually care about our world with more caution.

An informed (educated) listener might infer their pius, huberous as being incubated from a think tank that has been pissed in.

I err on the side of trust for the person who is educated in and who represents the cautious approach to solving our problems which have been caused by utter irresponsibility and who have something to gain from our becoming more educated as to an opponent’s position in continuing our general demise, through spouting rhetoric instead of rationale.

Mike Gallagher obviously seems to have issues with rational thought and viable alternatives to our present situation.

RFK,Jr. was eloquent and gentlemanly in his representing our better interests, I appaud him for breathing the bromides created by Mike Gallgher…

20 06 2008
Jack Mosel

On page 193 of his book “Crimes Against Nature,” Kennedy writes that “my American Heritage Dictionary defines fascism as `a system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership together with belligerent nationalism’.”


Paid to appear in front of you and I to have ourselves eat our own tail until we have ultimatley destroyed our own selves… and they have undeniably lined their own pockets… Pop quiz… WE ALL LOSE HOT SHOT!

If you don’t have anything factually opportunistic to bring to the party except negative SCHMERE and Poisonous gas from your wind pipe, then please remain open to those who do…

It’s 7 minutes to midnight on the doomsday clock and we shouldn’t tolerate BAFOONS’ rhetoric as opportunities to run out the clock!!!

20 06 2008
Bill C.


Interesting choice of words, Mr. Gallaher. In describing your perceptions of RFK Jr., you describe yourself.

22 06 2008
Jack Mosel

When you are down to nothing… God is up to something ;>

24 06 2008
Jack Mosel

How did we allow ourselves to stray… How did we permit our checks and balances in our sovereign nation to wander to such a point (off course) to permit our legislature to ignore and subvert our very mantra of our beliefs for what we stand for as a free nation for all mankind.. To tolerate this desecration of our countries’ very soul…

We have been bought and are being wholesaled out like a cheap whore to corporate and shadowy powers on a daily basis. Each day seems to hold a new revelation and perversion adding to the audacity in the uncovering of yet more diabolical un-American activity within our government, wrapped up in the guise of an American Flag and in foisted in the highest order of Patriotism… To deny these shodowy powers and the “johns” who corrom around this ilcke as being soley what they are (Cheap Thugs…) We are cast as the biased and ill willing un-patriotic Americans who are ‘bleeding hearted liberals’, leftists (as in guerillas) and I heard recently… PINKOS! DAMN THEIR PIUS FASCIST ASSES!

We’ve strayed… big time.

It’s hard to take in the magnitude of the crimes being presented these days, there are so many now, that they even make the Main Stream Media… The one I almost puked over last night was in listening to the pulitzer like reporting of Keith Olberman, who clearly and with only the bias of shock to the criminality of the crimes being reported, recanted factually and with great chronology, the tales of the ENRON LOOP HOLE… and the direct connection to John McCain and his election committe at the highest levels…


This is why we have $4.50/Gal. Gas, this is what happens when Cocks guard the Henhouse folks! Without this Fascist tool in place, we’d have a 50% reduction on gas within 30 days…………

WOW Thanx McCheney!

John McCain is dirty here… at the highest level dirty… If we can’t impeach BUSH and his crime boss CHENEY from our 3rd world citizenry attempts because to them, we are sub-humans (NAZI BASTARDS, FASCIST F*^$#) then I’ll settle for a little truth excursion from Keith Olberman and take the bait and the hint from Keith…

SHOUT IT FROM THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS… Like Braveheart just before they cut him from groin to neck… ENRON LOOP HOLE!!!!!!!! McCain is McBUSH!!!


BTW WHERE’S FREEKIN OSAMA?!!! Oh yeah… He’s off the table too.

It’s about nation building and fossil fuel domination… No wait, it’s about controlling corporate monopolies in energy derregulation… No wait it’s about the terrorists, you’re either for ’em or with us or something… No wait!

Any one notice that 8 lane Trans National Corridor freeway yet in Texas coming up from Mexico? oh yeah, that was voted on in secret too, just like the Patriot Act…!

Ready to roll…?

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