Ventura Asks RFK Jr: “Do You Want To Be President?”

27 05 2008

We now bring you the conclusion of our two-part feature on Jesse Ventura (click here to read part one). The former Minnesota Governor is considering an independent run for U.S. Senator or possibly even President of the United States in 2008.

In his new book, Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, Ventura wrestles with the toughest question of all: “Should I do it?”

And the second toughest question: “who should I take with me?”

While he never fully answers the first question — leaving readers in suspense at the end of the book — he has the second one all figured out. Ventura wants Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his Vice Presidential running mate.


Actually, Jesse makes it clear in the book that he’d be perfectly content to play second fiddle behind a strong presidential contender. After reading of their conversation below, one gets the impression that if Kennedy preferred the top of the ticket, Ventura would happily give it to him. You’ll notice, for example, that never once does Ventura mention anything about Kennedy being VP; it’s clear that he’s not there to offer RFK the number two slot.

(Standing ovation)

Sure sounded like a great idea. Now all Jesse had to do was somehow convince Kennedy to run with him. And so off he went to ask Bobby The Question.

I mean, the really big question: “Do you — or don’t you — want to run this country?”

Read on for Bobby’s answer…

Jesse Ventura


The meeting took place late last year in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where RFK was vacationing with his wife Mary, and their children. Ventura had heard that Kennedy was coming, and since he only lived about 90 minutes away, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask…under the perfectly innocent guise of a diving trip, naturally.

Arriving around lunchtime at Kennedy’s rented Moorish-style vacation home, Ventura held Kennedy’s young boys spellbound with stories from his pro wrestling and Navy SEAL days. Before long, Ventura had completely charmed RFK’s kids (always a wise strategy when trying to convince them to let you borrow their father for the next four to eight years).

After a day of diving with Bobby and his son Conor at the edge of the continental shelf, Ventura carefully began turning the conversation a bit more political. He broke the ice by telling a few tales about his teaching fellowship at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

“What did you teach?” Conor asked.

“Third-party politics,” I told him, and added: “Something your dad doesn’t know anything about!” Bobby laughed.

Back home again, the adults retired to a balcony overlooking the ocean and watched the sunset. Now seemed like the time. There wasn’t going to be another moment like this one. Never one to miss his cue, Ventura dove right in:

Now we got heavy into politics. We both spoke about how outraged we are concerning what’s happening in America today. We talked about the “war on terror.” Robert said the Iraq War has done nothing but create more terrorists. When I described myself as a fiscal conservative who is liberal on social issues, Mary said, “That describes Bobby, too.” We seemed to be finding considerable common ground between us…

…Sitting down again, I looked across at Robert and asked him, matter-of-factly: “Do you want to run the country?”

What did he say?” Mary responded.

Robert stood up. After a pause, he said quietly: “Yeah, I want to.”

(Wait, WHAT did he say?)

Bobby added that someone with the Green Party had asked him to consider becoming its candidate in 2008.

“Oh, don’t do what Nader did!” I told him. “You should leave the Democrats and run with me as an independent.”

Was I serious? Robert looked at me quizzically.

“I’m the most powerful man in America!” I announced. “Do you know why?”

“Why?” Mary asked, wide-eyed.

“Because I’m the only one who can unite both parties against me!”

We were hot into this when (Bobby’s son) Finn, who was doing headstands behind us, suddenly crashed into the Ping-Pong table and raised a big welt on his foot. Mary said she’d better run upstairs and get some ice.

I realized it was time to go.

First, though, I approached Robert, who was also standing on the stairs, one more time. Again I urged him to go independent.

“I am independent,” he said. “You should become a Democrat.”

“I’d lose all my credibility!” I exclaimed.

“We’ll keep talking about it,” Robert said.

…He stood on his front step and saluted, with a big grin on his face, as I drove away.

Heading home that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. If Robert Kennedy, Jr. ever ran for president as a Democrat, it would be no surprise to anyone. Just another Kennedy going for the brass ring. But if, because he can’t stand what’s happened to politics today, he left the party and ran as an independent, it would – to borrow a phrase from Muhammad Ali – shock the world!

Our thoughts precisely, Jesse.

Ventura fully realizes that now is the time for bold new leaders to step forward, and he’s ready to get down to business right away. It’s time to put partisan bickering and party politics aside for a much greater mission. The world can’t wait. 

Now Ventura has an offer on the table for Kennedy. He’s also considering a run against Al Franken in the Minnesota U.S. Senate race. RFK Jr. is reportedly thinking about reclaiming his father’s Senate seat, or possibly running for another office in New York State. These two men have some big decisions to make in the days ahead — because they seem to realize just how many people are counting on them.

Then again, maybe they should just run for the White House on a last-minute, grassroots, why-the-hell-not independent ticket. It certainly would give the people a lot of hope, even if Ventura/Kennedy (or Kennedy/Ventura, whichever you prefer) statistically could not win. These two would bring critical issues to the campaign the two-party candidates won’t touch, and give independent voters a far more viable option than Ralph Nader or Bob Barr.

No disrespect intended to either Mr. Nader or the Honorable Mr. Barr, but is this the best the independent/third-party movement can offer in 2008? Isn’t a superstar independent candidate going to emerge? America needs one (or two) desperately! Who’s going to step up?

As the man says on page 302 of Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, “you can’t go through life waiting for the other guy to do it.”

At which point, his wife Terry chimed in with a trumpet blast of truth: “That’s what’s wrong with the country right now!”


Copyright Book excerpt copyright 2008 by Jesse Ventura.




6 responses

27 05 2008
Jack Mosel

Less than 150 days to show the world there’s a real American movement afoot… What’s the deal??? Are we here on this site more involved in the campaign for an independant run for real leadership or are these guys gonna step up? We can speculate anything.. and have already. We need for these men to throw down! they will be supported… and they may win!

Listen to JFK’s speech about subversive forces and coercive shadow under currents in our own country… He tried and did warn us. We’ve been living this lie and covering for Bush for 40 years!!!

RFK,Jr. Take Jesse as your V.P. and run now sir! Sargeant at arms in the House of Representatives… Arrest karl Rove! We have some serious crimes to account for! and some serious damages to repair domestically and internationally!!!

Let’s ROLL!!!!!!!

28 05 2008
Jack Mosel

Insiders and priviledged few have dominated OUR country for the past forty years, excluding an honest peanut farmer from Georgia… NWO must have been planning something then.. Oh yeah IRAN CONTRA and CIA DRUG TRAFFICKING and the introduction of the head of the CIA to Vice President under Ronnie Raygun (The Actor) !!!

Why is it and when was it that our nation became raided by these FASCIST NAZI SKULL AND BONES freeks! They rattled their cages and became seated with Herbert Walker Bush, when he owned Hitlers’ Browns Harriman Bank in NYC back in the 30’s. Herbert Hoover caught him at his dealing with the enemy during war time and tried to shut him down, charging him with trading with the enemy, great legacy for spawning two U.S. Presidents… This was the beginning of the Bush family legacy of entitlement and raw power to influence us as to begin undermining us from within. His son, George HW Bush (Our 41) was then placed into the CIA after being groomed from Skull and Bones at Yale Univ. Multiple evidences and later hearings, which were promptly shut down and you probably never heard about, tied Bush (41) with the assination of JFK along with Nixon in complicity… This by the indictment of Hoover himself, who was investigating Oswald, the CIA’s highest covert asset! (HUH?) it’s all in Hoover’s memoirs… The trail of CIA placement and nepatism and inbreeding began and continued from this period on. JFK warned us about this crowd and these are their names…

Bush and Co. have been carrying a torch for a larger entity for some time now… Actually since before they were Hitler’s banker… You don’t just walk into that kind of life right?… Why all the reference to “The Homeland” GW? Why do you act in secret? why do you refuse to “Lead” us without being transparrent? Why are there no press allowed and no transcripts of your testimonies in 9/11 hearings? Why does your VP claim that “HIS” branch of Government is seperate from “Yours” and why is he even more shadowy than you sir… These questions are what leads me to investigate you… These inconveinient truths led me to invesigate more history in the last 6 years than ever in my life. The things I learned all have one dark common denominator spelling FASCIST DICTORAL TAKEOVER sir… That would be YOU and your families’ immediate and distant, connected past to HITLER directly and the controversy which was our countries’ darkest hour… The assasination of our last real heir to our founding father’s… JFK and his brother RFK…


This is the branding of the koolaid drinkers and killing of our once free media. This is the purest non-legacy which will be known to be fommented by your dis-administration Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. Your aspirations and plans to take over America and sell it off through wholesale backchannels to your euro partners first from SHAFTA (NAFTA) and now through your secretive International Trans National-Corridor (which was once known as the United States) is your coupe de’ gra isn’t it??? You’re going forward with taking emminant domain land from those farmers in Texas aren’t you… sly dog.. that 8 lane highway from mexico straight through to Canada, with the border check to the U.S. in Littlerock is the trick isn’t it…

You’ve effectively distracted us with 9/11, Iraq and your college buddy OSAMA long enough to assure Dick got paid in spades (Halliburton) and all the other cronies in their “defence” Shill corporations to the tunes of trillions, you have eviscerated the Constitution of the United States of America and now you plan on waltzing off into your inbred sunset together to leave us with part II??? Please don’t tell me JEB and CONDI will be part III!!!

Hey Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Ventura… Anytime you guys want to jump in would be great… When you get to stumping… go for the throat and spare us the small talk we can handle the truth, we’ve been starved of it for over 40 years now!!! Expose ROVE, BUSH, CHENEY, ZELICOW, CONDI, JEB, WOLFOWITZ, RUMSFELD and clan.

RE-OPEN 9/11 hearings restore the constitution and our rule of law to pre-NAZI Pro-Patriot condition please…

Drink the Koolaid or stay home please… We can’t afford anymore factless secret propoganda GOP NAZI shit anymore… The gloves have got to come off!!! Facts have got to come out…


Let’s ROll…

28 05 2008

I am surprised Bobby doesn’t run as an Independent or a Green, since he always says the Democrats are 75% corrupt and the Republicans are 95% corrupt. Well, the Ventura book confirms that Bobby wants to one day run for President. I guess it’s just a matter of WHEN!

29 05 2008

now those are the words weve all been waiting tohear!

great – so he WANTS to…WHEN is he goiing to DO IT?

what’s he waiting for?

10 06 2008

I believe in you Mr. Kennedy. For our country, for myself and for my children, please, I beg you to run for President.
My message may be simple but it’s true.

2 08 2008

The Kennedy family deserve more. Another shot at the Presidency after Barack Obama will be a good idea. If I were a citizen of the USA I would have advocated foer it much earlier,to have encouraged Ted Kennedy to hsve contested again in 1984. The you ng generation in the Kennedy Clan must not shy away from the presidency because the ilss of the past shall be addressed by a well wisher like the undersigned. Good luck.
Okumu-Ringa Patrick Aloysius. PhD.

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