Bobby Campaigns for Clinton

2 05 2008


Thursday found Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Kennedy defended his difference of opinion with other members of the family who have endorsed Barack Obama in the presidential race. (His cousin Caroline Kennedy was also in the state that day campaigning for Obama.)

“I am here because I love this woman,” he told a crowd of Clinton supporters in southern Indiana, which holds its presidential nominating primary on Tuesday.

 See full story below:

RFK Jr. with Hillary clinton, May 1, 2008

(Reuters photo)

From CBS News’ Fernando Suarez:


JEFFERSONVILLE, IND. — In her harshest comments directed to oil companies to date, Clinton said she thinks the federal government should “go after the oil companies.”


“I have advocated for a federal gas-tax holiday paid for by imposing an excess profits tax on the oil companies. Let the oil companies pay the federal gas tax for the next months!” said Clinton to thunderous applause.

She also said she wanted to poll Congress to see where they stand on the gas-tax holiday. “Do they stand with hard pressed Americans who are trying to pay their gas bills at the gas stations, or do they, once again, stand with the oil companies?” she asked. “I want them to tell us, are they with us or against us when it comes to taking on the oil companies.”

Clinton has faced harsh criticism from economists and politicians since supporting the gas-tax holiday, a plan that would suspend the federal tax on gas from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Critics say the fuel relief plan will do little to help Americans save any money, since the federal gas tax is 18 cents a gallon. Clinton argues that truck drivers and the trucking industry will benefit the most from the savings, which in turn will lower the cost of food and other good affected by the record high price of fuel.

She also got some support from an unlikely corner today – a member of the Kennedy family, most of whom have endorsed her opponent. During a campaign rally here, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said his family made the wrong choice in backing Barack Obama. “Let me tell you why they are wrong and I am right, because I know Hillary Clinton better than they know Barack Obama,” said Kennedy. “You may know that there are some members in my family who decided to do the wrong thing and support Barack Obama. Our family is divided and our party is divided and the reason we are divided is because we have two extraordinary candidates both running for president, and both will make unbelievable presidents for this country.”

Back in late January, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., the brother of the late Robert F. Kennedy, decided to back Obama, a move that shocked many inside the Clinton campaign. Soon, other Kennedys followed, including Robert’s sister Caroline, brother Patrick and Robert’s mother Ethel.

Kennedy, who was introducing Clinton, went on to say that he can sympathize with Clinton because his father, Robert F. Kennedy, was also treated harshly by the Republican Party. “She had to endure the same attacks my father had to endure, which was to be called a ‘carpetbagger’ when she came into New York,” he said. “This party has gotten a good look at Hillary Clinton and they know that all those negatives that have been grilled into them by the right wing Republicans are not true,” said Kennedy, as Clinton stood by watching and nodding her head.


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7 responses

2 05 2008

“I am here because I love this woman.”

Here we go again with him getting all kissy-kissy with Clinton.

I wonder if Clinton promised him to be her running mate. I’d love to have him in the White House or other office, but I wish RFK could do it without getting all chummy with Clinton.

But I guess RFK is entitled to support whomever he wishes.

I still think highly of him, even though I don’t share his enthusiam for Clinton.

2 05 2008
Mission Impeachable

Yeah, what IS up with RFK and Hill? Those two jsut don’t make sense.

evertime i see them playing kissy-kissy, i always think of one of my best friends who hooked up with the wrong girl and everyone around him is trying to tell him what a big mistake he made, but he won’t listen…even to his best friends.

i was wondering the same thing Alison was thinking…is she wagging the “running mate” carrot at RFK jr.?

2 05 2008
Jack Mosel

If RFK runs with Hillary… I’m a convert.

Why is it that Hillary can’t muster half of what RFK is saying freely on Ring of Fire?! If she puts him out there for supporting her… She must be supportive of what he champions???

So Hillary… “Grow a pair” and lead us out of this criminality! You’re already aligned with RFK, Jr. and everything he stands for and fights for… What can “They” possibly say? Please don’t tell me she is gonna pick a hawk Ret. General to parley up on McCain… She can whip his ass with Kennedy and still slam shots and chasers while doin’ it!

Y’know… we could really have some fun hunting these crooks down and taking back our country… What’s the big problem? We all know that the Bush crime family needs to answer for all the BS they are responsible for? Hell Clinton’s Impeachment and Nixon’s is child’s play compared to the slew of corrupt government that will fall as a result!

We’d have half the government payroll if we really investigated the BS!!!

Break away from the damn mediocrity and throw down a flag on the field… Be a leader and talk about what we all know is “Taboo” … The corruption that is rampant and specifically what you are gonna do about it!!!

If Hillary disclosed RFK, JR. as her running mate now… It’d be all over, Period…

Next… Smash and grab on McCain for the White House, He’s nothing but Bush ll and we all know it…

Let’s roll!

2 05 2008
Jack Mosel

And another thing…

China… has enjoyed “Most favored trade nation status for how long??? Well, probably it’s just another great gift from Ronnie Raygun! Trickle down economics (That ran down our legs!)… the only one’s that made out from that dogma were the rich and shameless! They’re still laughing at us! Tax Cuts for WHO McCAIN? Must be PERMANENT? I think you must think you’re talking to some kind of idiots! When did you turn your coat inside out? The red is showing john?! Thought you were one of us… Let me get this straight… Tax cuts for the wealthiest crooks, who obviously had twenty years to have the opportunity to “RE-INVEST” their windfalls from this back into our economy hear in America and instead, shut down their facilities, stole retirements, ruined entire geographic locations and families that pride and sweat built. Add a little insult to injury why don’t they… Okay, let’s now push for exporting all those once proud American jobs to Mexico (NAFTA, Thanx Bill) India, China and god knows.. anywhere but here! Now this great windfall of trickle down economics brings in slave labor here in the form of the displaced mexicans we evicted from their home towns so that Macdonalds could farm 1000 acres of hamburgers and the locals now can’t afford to buy or work from the company store. We now get them here “stealing” work from the trades that once made their livings off the work here. Fed says… Ain’t it grand… They’re doin’ the work no one else wanted to do?!!! BULLSH*T! Sell it man… sell the spin baby…. yeah. Now, we got a highway coming through Texas kids… The North American Trans Highway… or somethin’… We’ll pay for it with our Chinese money and a corporation in Spain mostly will take the profits from the tolls it will provide, Border? what border… The new border from Mexico on this thing is going to be Arkansas!!! Wake the Freek UP! NWO IS HERE!

Let’s see… I’m no economist but, Our unions got their backs broken by this “great man” Ronnie Raygun and we began our wholeselling off of our nation during his watch and George Bush Sr’s design as his VP… The beginning of the real NWO flexing their muscles (In daylight at least)… Then came the sucking sound… Perot was spot on… and then the illegals (more sucking sound) Thanks (now Pres> Bush, Sr.) then Shafta… oops sorry, NAFTA, More sucking sounds from labor in the U.S. giving way to “Undocumented workers” (Ha! nice politically correct term) oh yeah thinks Pres. Clinton… Then the sucking sound got so loud that we had to start borrowing money from China to pay down our debt… Thanks Bush, Jr. (decider)… Now we are so lame a country, that we don’t manufacture anything short of crime and drugs and software (for now) and debt… Oh yeah and war and weapons to fuel the war, Thanks Halliburton!

The sucking sound is so great today and on so many fronts that I can’t hear you! You can’t hear me! It’s all al part of the grand plan actually… The next thing install for us is the “THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT!” which is the very real stars we’ll be seeing when we either go into nuclear war (G*D HELP US / SAVE US) or we receive the knock out punch of the Patriot Act’s final act… which is to bestow dictoral powers and martial law to the DECIDERS in-laws…

I remember a day, when to buy a product that had a label MADE IN THE U.S.A. was the real deal… There was pride in that. Remember “LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL”… When you are buying… a lalal la la… anyway, real patriots spit this stuff, I wish one of these candidates would throw down some real issues… as if we were real grown up adults and could handle the truth right?!!! Hey politicians… You bums made this stink! One of you needs to clean it up, cause you’re not going to be permitted by the base of patriots in this country to carry out your sick self-serving master plan of the past 40 years in creating your New World Order!


Forget the doctor! Is there a Patriot in the house?!!!

Hey like I said… We know this stuff. Why can’t politicians rattle a little of it back to us as adults to acknowledge to us that they aren’t dummies! Not the other way around…

Not rolling yet…

3 05 2008

Good to see Bobby back on the campaign trail for Hillary again lately…I noticed all of the kennedys were out in full force this week…

3 05 2008

I like Mission Impeachable’s take on Hillary/Bobby: it’s like your best friend is in love with the wrong woman and you try to tell him that he doesn’t belong with her and that she’s bad for him and he could do a lot better, but he won’t listen because he’s blinded by love.

I did some research and he’s supported her since 1999 when she ran for his father’s seat, so they’ve had a close relationship for a while. So Hillary probably has promised him something for his support. If he is her running mate, I would support them. Maybe Bobby could turn her into a real progressive instead of a Republican lite.

16 05 2008
Alan Stewart

If Mr. Kennedy would start a grass roots effort RIGHT NOW, like what Ross Perot did, he could get his name on the ballot. I would work for his effort and I think it would be easy to win over both Hillary and Obma but just telling us what we need to do as a country like he spoke tonight on David Letterman. HE should than ask Hillary to be his vice presidental running mate!!!! Hey, I voted for McCain so you know where my head is.

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