The “Fearless” Kennedy

19 04 2008

(No caption necessary. This photo speaks for itself.)


If RFK was the so-called “ruthless” Kennedy, you could call his second son the “fearless” Kennedy.

Considering what the conversation on this blog has been centered on for the past couple of weeks (freedom from fear), our readers may find this week’s Huffington Post article about RFK Jr. particularly interesting.

Reading over this and other coverage around the blogosphere lately, it seems like we’re all basically wrestling with the same questions and thinking the same thoughts that people in 1968 did. There’s plenty of frustration, anger and bitterness to go around this election year, too. Demands for dramatic, sweeping change. Talk of revolution in the air.

Perhaps we experienced some kind of collective “A-ha!” moment when the 40th anniversary of MLK’s murder came around recently (did we suddenly remember what a real hero was?). 

Could it be that Americans are finally starting to realize that we must make a choice — to fear or to fight — and that we can’t have it both ways?

Like any good soldier will tell you, nobody can fight worth a damn if they are consumed by fear. Nor can one feel afraid when they have the courage of their convictions. 

When you’ve been to the mountaintop, you’re not fearing any man. You know the difference between fighting and violence, and that “peaceful revolution” is not an oxymoron.

It’s time for us to lose the fear which has held us back for far too long and to get mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for the fight of our lives. Because we’re in it now, and there’s no turning the other cheek this time. We must understand that We, the American People, are in a defensive (NOT offensive) position – we’ve been pushed to the wall and have no choice but to fight our way out of this.

If we don’t fight now, it simply means we have decided that America is no longer worth fighting for.

I refuse to accept that. And I doubt that Mr. Kennedy would ever choose defeat by default, either.

It’s time for all of us to make that critical choice — and soon! — to choose courage over cowardice; patriotism over partisanship; duty over dissuasion; information over infotainment. It’s time to choose bravery over Britney, and America over apathy.

— Ed.


By Alison Rose-Levy

“Most Americans know more about Britney Spears than we do about global warming,” Robert F. Kennedy told the thousands people gathered at last weekend’s annual Being Fearless conference, hosted by the Omega Institute.

Forty years ago when the boomer generation saw its heroes gunned down one-two-three (JFK, MLK, RFK), many hung up the marching shoes and turned towards the inner journey. If we couldn’t face a scary world, at least we could control our own minds. Like Big Sur’s Esalen, the Omega Institute served as a safe place to escape the modern maelstrom, find community, and rediscover inner resources.

But as third generation self-help advice proliferates on the internet, many maturing seekers recognize the it’s not enough to heal ourselves, we have to face the fear, and take action to heal the world that is.

“This is the worst administration in American history–it’s put the worst polluters in charge of all areas of government” Robert F. Kennedy Jr told the conference attendees. As Kennedy, Valerie Plame Wilson, and others modeled a caring, balanced, and integral activism, they nudged the self-help movement out of its chrysalis and into the us-in-action movement. The recurring message was: “You have to speak truth to power. You must act.”

Back in my parent’s day, Kennedys in their prime were entrusted to lead, due to their rare ability to marry hope with competency and offer an accurate diagnosis and cure for our national ills.

In today’s harsh world, the Kennedy warrior of this generation is critiqued, maligned, ridiculed, and often censured by the mainstream news media when he offers an accurate (though discomfiting) analysis of environmental rollbacks, public health care policy, and their attendant health impacts. When Kennedy gave New York Times’ editors an array of DNA, animal, epidemiological, and biological studies that document the link between mercury and neurological disorders, they were so “hostile and antagonistic it was like talking to a brick wall,” Kennedy reported. In the past, the news media looked for investigative pieces. Today they look the other way, uncritically accepting government studies.

“The US has privatized safety research and by extension, the regulation of toxins. Expecting objectivity under these conditions is naïve at best,” says Kennedy, one of the few to connect the dots as:

• Campaign contributors are given posts in oversight of the industries they represent, where they
• Rewrite governmental regulations to protect their industry rather than the public good, resulting in:
• Environmental pollution, misuse of resources, and health care polices harmful to childhood and adult health

“We need to protect the environment not because we love trees–but because we love people,” Kennedy points out. A believing Catholic he questions those who thump the bible, and go on to plunder and pollute the Creation for cash.


The multiple crises we face all occur because vested media conglomerates have replaced a watchdog press, Kennedy says.

Goodbye to investigative journalism, foreign news bureaus, and fair reporting. Hello to misinformation, one-sided spins and cheap entertainment, appealing to the reptilian brain.

What happened? As part of the right to use public airwaves, network television was formerly mandated to provide news coverage even at an economic loss, Kennedy reminds us. But that ended in 1988, when Ronald Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine, which permitted broadcasters to cut back their news divisions and abdicate their responsibility to inform. Today, the CBS news bureau which formerly boasted Edward R. Murrow and others, is rumored to be seeking to outsource its reporting to CNN.

“We’re the most entertained, and least well informed country on earth.” Kennedy told the crowd. “Misinformation undermines democracy,” as 30% of Americans get their information from biased talk radio.

The boomer generation has to face facts: on our watch, this country took a very bad turn. The time has come to second activists like Kennedy and make our numbers count. In the allied areas of the organic food movement, integrative health care, health care policy reform, environmental activism, food and agricultural policy, media reform, election and judicial activism and other key arenas, many are carrying the meditation cushion into activism.


Story from The Huffington Post:




8 responses

19 04 2008
Carl Osa

Bravo for RFK Jr and what he says here! We need more fearless men and women who aren’t afraid to speak the truth in this country. If RFK runs, I would definitely vote for him!!! Damn right!

20 04 2008
Jeff Byrd

two words:




Nicely said, thanks for the article


20 04 2008
Jack Mosel

Hey… Boomers… Hippies… Flower children… The best generation… The Priveleged ones…

What a crock… Sellouts. Turncoats, Frauds and Hypocrites.

I saw (as a child) an entire generation of people make a great attempt at real change. They protested, they boycotted, they marched, they marched they marched… They rallied and they made a difference… Until they got their piece of the pie. Then (now) they turned into everything they hated and marched against if not worse…

Maligning and sociologically reproducing a newer and more powerful strain of the antipathy virus into their world, from sloth and greed, pomp and false pride (ego) maniacs.

“We” forty somethings… the children who were children when RFK, JFK and MLK were murdered have a perspective of both the WWII (grandparents) who prospered in our nations greatest modern boom time 50’s,60’s & 70’s and the post boom time of our parents 80’s, 90’s & 2000. The “trickle down my leg” economics of Ronnie Raygun! Where we were “Fed” that “The Welfare Mothers” and those damn unions were the one’s who were making this nation weak… That we first began nation building in Iran/Contra and South American drug cartels being infiltrated by CIA operatives, funded black ops and put murderous thugs in charge of rampant rogue paramilitary outfits to funnel cocaine and pot into the U.S. We saw this… We saw our jobs puke out of the country, just like Ross Perot’s ‘Sucking Sound’ (Remember?) We saw 20 million illegals fly into our nation (another sucking sound, but from Mexico)… We saw a war machine ramp up with King George Bush the first, then some Clintoning around with Bosnia (Bosnia appeared to be legit, ethnic cleansing borders Nazi attrocities) but NAFTA Fu*ked us good (Thanks BIll!). Then 911 (Too many coincedences on too many fronts with too many inconveininent truths, which are being whitewashed away).

Then there were WMD’S… and ‘the Axis of evil’.


Where’s the hippies? Oh, they’re busy day trading instead of daytripping…. They can’t take a real stand… It would mean risking their retirements and the status achieved with their social entitlements from all their hard work from taking back the country when they did apply themselves… I think the only one left is Ralph Nader, but he’s a traitor right?…

I am not afraid… I’m not afraid of intelligent conversation, I am not afraid of rebuttle I am not afraid of difference of opinions… I am sick and freeking tired of not being heard though. I am sick and tired of Sean Hannity, Rush Limburger cheese and Bill O’Reilly’s scam factory force feeding my fellow American’s with pure BULLSHIT though. Did I leave out Anne Culture Like in a petri dish…

How can any reasonable Congress or Senate Member not know what I am speaking of in rough terms and be the ones to be in a position to do something about it and just sit like nothing is happening? (RIGHT NANCY PELOSI?!!!) We are in the throws of real Fascism!

For G*D’s sake the Pope on Saturday even gave a hint about his first person views of seeing an evil presence in government (Nazi Germany) when he was a child and what that absolute power did was horrific and should never be permitted to be allowed again in history…

Why doesn’t RFK run…? Why not just get out there Mr. Kennedy, with Ventura if need be… If not to win… then just to let us know that there is a real chance to re-ignite a real new movement for real justice and real greatness in The United States of America. If not for crimes against humanity in our hypocracy of what we do, in the name of Democracy, then for crimes against nature and our planet which is defenseless against the bought and paid for politicians, who dance now as little emperors, while this empire burns….

We rollin’ yet?!!!

C’Mon Kennedy! Get in there! Tell Obama you’d run with him!

21 04 2008

I’m with Jack mosel…are we rollin’ yet? And is Bobby on the bus or not?

21 04 2008

I do understand your frustrations. As a 50 something I remember.

I posted this on my blog yesterday that I believe that we all have a destiny, and I believe each generation has a destiny too, and hope it isn’t to late for us boomers to change the legacy we are leaving this to our children.

What happen to us? We spoke out during our youth, as you said we marched and marched, we were political active and we believed that we could make a difference for good. We remember firsthand the inspiration that we received from President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. We also remember the horror of seeing true men of courage murdered before our eyes.

Maybe we were emotionally scared and that is why we have remained silent and gone with the flow? Maybe our souls died those dark days? Maybe we have been sleepwalking all these years and not wanting to admit to ourselves that our silence and acceptance of what is going on in the name of our country is a good thing?

We need to wake up as a generation. We need to find our way to that place of where we will have the courage to pick up the torch of Robert Kennedy and the other great leaders who were murdered for daring to tell the truth and to fight against the cancer that was destroying this county. We baby boomers have failed to pick up that torch. Jack, I guess I am polyanna, but I believe that we can choose to pick up the torch and have the courage to fight back. We must fight back.

Yes, we may die too. But we have a moral duty to fight for what we know in our hearts is the truth, and we must be willing to bring about the vision that we were inspired with as kids, even if we may die for it, like our fallen heroes did.

I see our generation of baby boomers as being blessed and cursed at the same time. We saw the best of times and we saw the worst of times. We lost our way and maybe our heart when out of us when we saw gunned down and murdered the best of our parents generation. Look it is never to late to find our way home and decide to wake up from the zombies we have become and to join the fight to save this country and to leave our mark in a positive way as a generation. I have to believe that Jack. I can’t give up all hope that we can still do the right thing or that it is to late.

What does any man/woman want? I believe they want freedom. I think of one of my favorate movies BraveHeart when Wallace yells Freedom. We are loosing our freedom here in this country. Instead of being a beacon of light shining for freedom in the world we have become a beacon of darkness with our behavior done by this government under the name of the American people.

Jack I know that you would like Bobby to run. Many of us feel that he would be a great leader and is someone we want at the helm. It has to be his decision though and the decision of his family. He has many factors that he has to take into consideration. We all have a destiny and many times we don’t see always see clearly what the destiny is and many times we might fight that destiny. His destiny might be what he is doing now in educating people to the truth? His destiny might be winning the enviromental cases that he has won in the court room. It may be writing articles and speaking across this country to wake our generation up and the next generations up to the truth so that they will pick up the torch and march into battle against those forces who have such a strong hold on our government. It may be to run for President, but only Bobby can decide what he feels his destiny is. Maybe our generation os baby boomers are late developers and it isn’t until we reach middle age that we remember what is really important and will regain our voice. I hope so.

I think that we were emotionally scared as a generation when three of our greatest American heroes were murdered. I think of the song American Pie and think of the line that is the day America died. Maybe we lost our soul as a generation the day President Kennedy died. He was the first President I remember first hand. I loved him. I was a small child, but I loved him. I thought he was the father of our country, because that is how I as a small child could understand the role of President. People might think that is very stupid thinking, but even as a young child I was a deep thinking and trying to understand things. I remember the day he died and thinking America will never be the same. Other Baby boomers who remember President Kennedy and loved him too all these years later will tell you exactly where they were the day President Kennedy was murdered. He inspired us with his passion, courage, wisdom, and idealism that we could make a difference for good in this world. He was a man of peace.

I remember where I was when Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were murdered. It has been 40 years ago, but I remember and I remember the feelings of shock, pain, and horror of watching the man I wanted to be President murdered before my eyes.

Yes, we have seen the best of times and the worst of times. We do need to wake up and move forward. We need to at least try and take this country so that their vision can be a reality.

I believe that many of us baby boomers haven’t found our destiny yet or if we do know what the destiny is are fighting it because we don’t want to rock the boat.

We have the 3 worst candidates running for President. Each year the choices are of less and less quality. I am being honest here. I don’t think any of the three should be President. Each scare me in their own ways. Each I believe is part of the problem and not part of the solution. I don’t believe everything or every promise they have made. Yes, they are great at playing the political game to win the election, but I don’t trust them to stand up to the powers behind the scenes who pull the strings and were behind the murders of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. Our government knows full well who was behind the murders but has lied and covered up for years. why? There hasn’t been any more political leaders murdered has there?

I am a democrat and I will work the polls on election day, but when I vote I will vote what I think is morally the best thing to do and if Ralph Nader is on that ballot I will vote for him. Maybe I am hoping that enough people will refuse to vote for the same ole same ole that our party will get the message to stop sending us candidates that we believe are lying to us to get our vote.

21 04 2008

I think an Obama-RFK ticket would be pretty cool myself. I think Obama fits more with RFK than Hillary Clinton does. RFK is right–we don’t have news anymore. We have infotainment. And our democracy cannot function without an informed electorate.

22 04 2008

I like what RFK Jr. says and he is fearless!!!

If he does not enter the race, I will vote for either ron Paul or Ralph Nader. They are the only two candidates in the 08 race so far who have that same fearlessness and courage.

23 04 2008
Jack Mosel

Fearless Chrissy, that’s the word of the day… Jimmy, Allison, Jeff, Michelle and Carl all agree… That’s why you and they as well as myself post here. We respect fearlessness..

We saw these men who are… (not were), the opitome of stoic patriotism, rail at the top of their lungs in disgust at the hint of what they saw then, that is the standard norm today, in terms of shear corruption and criminality present in our government…

Crooks!… Self-entitled, smug, self-righteous, pompous, cowardly, introvert/extrovert, pervert, derranged, dis-honest, dis-enfranchised, dis-connected… to the tune of dis-belief!

These are the “leaders” of today? These are the best we can offer to represent us to the rest of the world? This is what 200+ years of Democracy has to show for our “free society?”… BULLSHIT

Y’know I’d love to sing Kum-by-ya and wait for the flower power Generation to ‘Find its voice”, but… These crooks are streamlined now and workin’ off the best playbooks from Nazi Party / Fascist regimes goin’ add a little Roman incest in government and a sprinkle of the holy wars and voila… you got the Axis of evil! Problem is these crooks know they can run the clock down now that they have owned the first three quarters of the game by cheating and stealing and paying off the reffs with no-bid contracts, to get this far.

Fearless has to mean a little more than you guys and I venting in the blogosphere… It helps and its all we can do in so far as our part for now but, the Keith Olbermans and the Alex Jones’s and RFK, Jr. and Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and Joe Biden need to transfer some of what they got to mainstream like Hillary and Obama. Talking this way would be the death nell for either one of them. It needs to spoken about, like our lives depended on it but they wont have the BALLS to ‘risk’ being this honest and open with the middle of the road / generally uninformed or mis-informed right wing , working class joes and janes across our country.

Bitter? is that all you could come up with Mr. Obama, Bitter? If you were going to launch anything similar, why not go nuts and say they’re good and pissed that they got f*cked! NAFTA screwed them! They’re force fed FOX News and They are confused, hungry and losing their homes now… Oh that’s okay, we’ll just have the decider bail out private investment firms!!! I thought investments were supposed to be a gamble?!!! another words TOUGH SH*T! you want to pay me $40,000,000.00 A YEAR, no less (I’ll take that as a lifetime payment!) to use my best judgement to run a corporation into the ground?!!! With a golden excape pod for me and my friends? After we sent an entire regions’ bread and butter over seas to grow their economy which will ultimately undercut our overall economy??? Great paradigm, Harvard teach you that shit?!!!


Our knee jerk reaction is to bail this crap out with our borrowed Chinese money?!!!

Call me whatever you want to call me… I am die hard AMERICAN!!! I love it, I ain’t gonna leave it, Someone has got to rail at the sub-total of all the bullshit which has gutted us from literally this one administrations’ two terms of crimanality! Some one has got to pay for all this. If 10% of what is postulated by “conspiracy theorists” is true, we are screwed blued and tattooed.

The Iraq war was supposed to pay for itself… I paid $3.60 / Gallon of gas today. Exxon has $40,000,000.00 profit from last year? What about the spill they caused in English Kills, NYC 50 years ago (twice the size of Exxon Valdeze) The Newtown Creek is disgusting as a direct result… RFK,Jr. has to freeking sue these chumps to just begin the process 50 years later to establish any kind of funding for a clean up? and what’s the technology to restore it? … I don’t see the connection as to why we should feel obligated to bail out Bear-Sterns or why “We” , Bush unilaterally as the decider (pre- 9/11) should fortify Enron with oversight and presidential encouragement to steal working class peoples’ retirements, allowing these bafoon CEO’s to become puking rich!… We now bail out wallstreet companies…??? That’s just freeking great. What else you got for us George??? Oh… John McCain… Great!… Condi or JEb gonna run with ’em??? I just want to know because there’s only so much skin left on my ass from the last 8 years of your fascist sh*t!!!

What’s next, welfare for the Rockerfellers!!! Haliburton School Lunches?!!! Pentagon security to be outsourced to the Chinese!!! Oh wait you’re working on that now right?…

INSIDE JOB… Look into it, there’s plenty of ‘good reading’ out there…

Am I insane… doesn’t this wreak of enemy combatants from within?…

Your Vice President Dick Cheney says “SO WHAT”?!!!… and your President George Bush says its decidedly so, cause he’s the what???

DECIDER?! (I never laughed do freeking hard when I heard that one) The decider… uh, yah.

OBAMA / Olberman 2008! (O.O. 08)!

Let’s Roll?

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