RFK Jr. on “Larry King Live” Tonight

2 04 2008


Don’t miss Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Larry King Live tonight, 8pm Eastern on CNN.

Bobby will be on the show to talk about the link between vaccines and childhood autism, along with Jenny McCarthy. (All part of the unprecedented media coverage of World Autism Day this year.)

Kennedy has written and spoken extensively on this subject; most notably his article “Deadly Immunity” sparked a heated debate upon its publication back in 2005, and remains a controversial classic of modern investigative journalism.

Coming on the heels of Jesse Ventura’s appearance on “Larry King Live” last night, this could turn out to be an interesting interview in more ways than one.

Ventura says that if he ran for president, he would want Kennedy to be his running mate on an independent ticket this year. Expect Larry King to ask RFK Jr. what he thinks about that!

And what does Hillary Clinton think of Jesse’s dream ticket, one wonders? Isn’t RFK Jr. supposed to be in her camp?




8 responses

2 04 2008

Hey – what happened to RFK Jr. tonight? He wasnt on!?

2 04 2008

I think Bobby got bumped off Larry King tonight.

There were just too many guests on the program – I think I counted almost 20 guests that Larry had to shuffle thru in one hour! they obviously overbooked.

So I’m kinda glad Kennedy wasn’t on. If he had, i don’t think he could have gotten a word in edgewise.
Let’s hope Larry King invites RFK jr. back soon and will have him for the full hour! I would really like to see a good in-depth interview with Kennedy Jr.

2 04 2008

Yeah, I thought the same thing when I watched the larry king show tonite. Bobby musta got bumped!


3 04 2008
RFK Jr. fan

i’m so disappointed! where was Boby tonight? the yahoo TV listings said he would be a guest on Larry King tonite, but only Jenny mccarthy showed up. WTF?

3 04 2008
KRS one

if you’re in the mood for a good laugh i found a hilarious Larry King impersonation:


3 04 2008

In Jesse Ventura’s new book, there is a conversation between Jesse and RFK in which RFK says he wants to run as president and that the Green Party actually approached him to run as their candidate. I wish RFK would at least run for Senate. If Al Franken can do it, I don’t see why RFK couldn’t also. I hope he’s on TV soon.

5 04 2008
New Frontier

Hey Allison – I’m still eagerly awaiting the postman’s arrival with my copy of Ventura’s new book from Amazon. Should be here any day now (taps foot impatiently)….I am so eager to read Ventura’s take on the current sorry state of affairs.

But of course, I’m really curious to know more about what RFK Jr. told him in that conversation about running for President. First time I’ve ever heard Bobby say that he’s truly interested in running for something other than an office in New York state.

If Kennedy’s giving the idea of POTUS consideration, then the draft movement will have accomplished our goal. We just want him to take a good look around at this country and just THINK about it….

6 04 2008
KRS one

if you want a good laugh, i found a pretty funny Larry King impression at Digital FunTown in a Best Week Ever spoof

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