Dallas D.A. Releases Secret Stash of JFK Assassination Files

18 02 2008

New JFK Assassination Evidence “Found” in Dallas

President Kennedy in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963

(Moments before the tragedy, the President, Mrs. Kennedy, and Texas first lady Nellie Connolly are all smiles. Governor John Connally looks surprisingly somber as the motorcade makes its’ way towards Dealey Plaza. November 22, 1963)


In a peculiar President’s Day present to historians, The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office has announced the discovery of a trove of documents relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Locked away in a man-size safe for 44 years, these rare documents and artifacts (which reportedly include Jack Ruby’s gun holster and the clothing Oswald wore when he was shot) were kept secret from the public for decades — although their existence was certainly no secret to every Dallas County D.A. since 1963.

Among the documents is an alleged transcript of a conversation between Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby, planning the assassination together on behalf of the Mafia. This document has aroused the greatest amount of interest but has also been described as “highly suspect” and immediately dismissed as either a forgery or a possible movie script.

Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins explained at a news conference today that the documents were “found” in a safe about a year ago — soon after he took office — and that his staff have been examining and cataloging them ever since. Previous DA’s had decided not to reveal the information, but Watkins said his administration is devoted to openness and felt it was “too important to keep secret.”

“It will open up the debate as to whether there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president,” Watkins stated.

Dallas D.A. Watkins' News conference, Feb. 18, 2008

(Watkins, elected in 2006, is the first African-American D.A. in Dallas history.)

Ruby, the owner of a Dallas burlesque club, shot Oswald while he was in police custody two days after the November 22, 1963 assassination. The transcript has Oswald telling Ruby, “the [Mafia] boys in Chicago want to get rid of the Attorney General [Robert Kennedy]. … There is a way to get rid of him without killing him. … I can shoot his brother.”

Gary Mack, curator of the 6th Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza has pointed out that Oswald is known to have been elsewhere on October 4, the alleged date of the alleged conversation.

The transcript resembles one published in a report by the Warren Commission, which investigated Kennedy’s assassination and determined that Oswald was the lone gunman. The FBI determined that conversation – again between Oswald and Ruby, but this time about killing the governor – was definitely fake.

Mr. Mack suggested that the transcript in the Warren Commission report was probably used as a model for the one found in the district attorney’s safe.

The conversation published in the commission report was a fake account of a conversation between Ruby and Oswald on the same night at the Carousel Club. A now-deceased Dallas attorney “re-created” the conversation after Kennedy’s assassination for authorities after he claimed he recognized Oswald in a newspaper photo as the man he saw talking to Ruby that night.

“The fact that it’s sitting in Henry Wade’s file, and he didn’t do anything, indicates he thought it wasn’t worth anything,” Mr. Mack said of the newly found transcript. “He probably kept it because it was funny. It’s hilarious. It’s like a bad B movie.”


William J. Alexander, the only surviving prosecutor from Ruby’s trial for killing Oswald in the days after Kennedy’s assassination, told the district attorney’s office he’d never seen the Ruby-Oswald transcript. But it’s labeled with a sticker that says, “Plaintiff’s Exhibit 27.” Typically, exhibits for criminal trials are marked as state’s exhibits or defense exhibits.

The DA’s office said Mr. Alexander, who rarely talks about the Ruby trial, declined to be interviewed.

While the two-page transcript is most likely fake, District Attorney Watkins says he’s never believed Oswald acted alone.

“You know me: I’m always a conspiracy theorist,” Mr. Watkins said. “It was too simple of an explanation. I don’t see that.”


The safe also contained a 1967 million-dollar contract with the then-district attorney Henry Wade for a movie about the assassination, and the DA’s assistant has suggested that the Ruby/Oswald “transcript” was part of a proposed movie script.

The film, tentatively titled Countdown In Dallas, never went into production. But the timing of the film’s making is certainly curious.

By 1967, a large segment of the American public had openly expressed disdain for the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Several books suggesting a conspiracy were already on the shelves, and most importantly – New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison was at that very moment bringing murder charges against Clay Shaw for the murder of President Kennedy, the only such court case in history.

As all this concurrent activity was brewing, the need for a big-budget Hollywood film to refute the charges of conspiracy seems more than plausible; something to placate the general public and put their concerns to rest once and for all.

While many suspected that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby knew one another, the “transcript” of thier alleged October 4 conversation would have been quite helpful in pursuading the people that although there was some advance conspiratorial planning between the two men, Oswald ultimately was the lone assassin.

The suspect transcript/movie script notwithstanding, perhaps the real hidden treasure within these 15 newly-released boxes is yet to be found. Once the documents are fully opened to researchers (which Dallas officials tell us will be soon), it will be fascinating to see what, if any, previously undiscovered evidence in the case may come to light.

We’ll keep you posted.

(Click here for video of the Dallas D.A.’s press conference from earlier today.)

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18 02 2008
JFK Still Matters

It being President’s Day, Gallup decided to commemorate the holiday by releasing a question from a poll conducted earlier this month that asked people to name the former U.S. president — living or dead — they would bring back to be the next president.

Here are the results:

John F. Kennedy 23%
Ronald Reagan 22%
Bill Clinton 13%
Abraham Lincoln 10%

No other former presidents scored in double digits. (The lowest scores? George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush — both of whom received just one percent of the vote.)

Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Now — WHEN is the U.S. Government going to add JFK’s pretty face to Mt. Rushmore?;)

How about a national “JFK Day” on his birthday, May 29th?

Or a public memorial in his honor (like the Lincoln memorial) in DC?

Why haven’t we already done this?

19 02 2008
Hooray for the D.A.!

Dallas District Attorney Watkins is MY HERO!

Leave it to the first black D.A. in Dallas history to be the one who finally opens these long-hidden files to the public. This man is a profile in courage!
And by his own admission, he believes there was a conspiracy in the JFK Assassination.

I hope to good people of Dallas elect this man again and again. Great work, Mr. Watkins!!!!!

19 02 2008
Gregory Martin

I have a few thoughts on this…

Maybe the transcript of the alleged conversation between Ruby and Oswald Oct. 4th is not bogus.

Here’s why I think so:

First, the Warren Commission had a similar transcript from the same date (Oct 4th), at the same place (the Carousel Club), which they were quick to call a fake. Why the rush to judgement, one wonders?

Secondly, the same or similar transcript has now turned up in the Dallas D.A.’s secret stash as “Plaintiff Exhibit 27” – yet was never used in Ruby’s trial. If this document is indeed real and was withheld from prosecutors, that would point to why it was kept in then D.A. Henry Wade’s top-secret vault for so many years.

Thirdly, while I do not believe that Oswald was the shooter, i do believe that he was an undercover federal agent (FBI) who had infiltrated the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. If you look at it from the standpoint of Oswald working as an intelligence agent, the transcript makes perfect sense.

Many witnesses have testified to seeing Oswald and Ruby together prior to the assassination – was Oswald wearing a wire when he talked to Ruby at the Carosel club? Was he trying to gather evidence or get Ruby to say that the mafia would provide money and supplies for the hit, even offering his services as an assassin?

Did Ruby figure out Oswald was a rat, and that’s why he shot him? Makes sense to me. Jack Ruby knew that if Oswald ever had the chance to testify, Ruby himself would be implicated in the plot, go to jail for a very long time, and the nmaes of other conspirators would also be revealed. That is one can of worms which could NEVER be opened.

Oswald’s mother always believed that her son was a government agent and a loyal American. His wife, Marina Oswald, later said she believed the same thing. She believed that Oswald had infiltrated the plot to kill Kennedy and was desperately trying to warn the FBI via his local contact, agent James Hosty – who ignored him. Oswald tried again to send a warning through Naval Intelligence…they ignored him, too.

By the time Oswald figured out he had been set up as the “patsy”, it was too late. But I don’t think it is an accident that the notes from his interview in the Dallas county jail were burned…and that the first person he asked to see was not a lawyer, but an FBI agent.

Same thing happened when Oswald had been arrested in New Orleans that summer…he requested to talk to an FBI agent…and was soonafter released.

People, don’t be so quick to dismiss this transcript as a phony or a movie script. At least consider the possibility that the conversation was Oswald trying to catch Ruby admitting to being part of a plot to assassinate the President. If this transcript is real, it would prove that Oswald succeeded.

Oswald may well have been a very good government agent who was just doing his job and trying to PREVENT this awful tragedy.

19 02 2008

Hidden for 40 years?—WHAT’S UP WITH THE
OFFICE DEPOT BOXES? OD was founded in’86!

20 02 2008
michael seratt

i agree on the gallap poll listed above. but sen. robert kennedy would also be a great choice; even as the record stands. his fight against organized crime rates it. mike seratt

20 02 2008

I think this is somewhat disinformation.

I have switched back and forth over the course of my lifetime(40 years) as to whether or not I believe in the conspiracy.

I am back to the conspiracy side ; however, I disagree with most conspiracy theories.

The primary problem with the researchers is that they are too easily duped and ruin their credibility with outlandish conclusions.

This is an obvious hoax and badly written. Perhaps a script for the movie or perhaps disinformation from those that perpetrated the killing and wanted fraudulant information to be quickly dismissed and solidify the Oswald story.

The unfortunate thing is that only ONE wire service of several which ran the story caught the actual GEM of the documents.

The transcript is worthless crap but another document was a letter from an FBI agent who had interviewed Jack Ruby’s sister. In this document Ruby’s sister claimed Ruby had received some sort of map of the President’s route that day. If I read correctly , different than the account or prior to the account which ran in the Dallas paper. This may seem anecdotal to most but I view it as huge. This along with the purported sightings of Ruby at the Dallas Newspaper(12), Parkland hospital(2), press conference for Oswald, and ultimate kill shot of Oswald puts this guy as a stalker of the situation by anyone’s standard. This document deserves much much more attention than the ‘dialog’ piece.

You connect Ruby to someone who mailed him an itinerary before the fact and newspaper article with the route and you solve the mystery irrefutably.


21 02 2008
New Frontier

Good post, Mark! You bring up some very worthwhile points, particularly in reference to the real gem in this document dump….the FBI interview with Jack Ruby’s sister. You’re right – that’s (dare I put it this way?) a smoking gun.

I ran across the actual document online the other day and now, in my haste, can’t seem to find it again. (Damn, I hate it when that happens!) Would you kindly post a link here for our readers so that they can check it out for themselves?

Many thanks for sharing. I hope you will share more of your insights here on this blog. We’re very glad to have you!

21 02 2008
John Hankey

I’m not at all persuaded the transcript is fake, as the mainstream media suggest.

At least one of the women working at Ruby’s club also identified Oswald as having been there. Marita Lorenz, who I consider a reliable witness, also links Ruby and Oswald, though at a different time and place.

the “transcript” does not purport to be a tape recording. The lawyer who wrote it was trying to recreate the conversation he heard. It may be fake, but I can’t see anything in the content to suggest that it is.

I believe that at the time Oswald was working for the FBI, spying on the CIA; and in that capacity, “working” for the CIA, which had discovered that he was a mole, and was setting him up as the patsy. I think the “transcript” is consistent with that scenario.

Also, Wade was one of the sources of the information received by Waggoner Carr, the Texas DA, that Oswald was working for the FBI. Carr related this information to the Warren Commission on their first meeting. I wouldn’t say this is “gold”, but it’s one more chip in a huge pile. It would be more dramatic, if it weren’t actually just one more small piece of corroborating evidence.

The suggestion that this “transcript” is somehow related to the plot for a movie is a meaningless distraction. That is, if we can assume that Wade was motivated by a desire to tell the truth as he knew it in any movie, this “transcript” would reflect his best knowledge and belief. But 1) the fact that the “transcript” contained a label marking it “Plaintiff’s Exhibit 27;” and 2) the fact that this information was left out of the MSM accounts, suggests to me that it is valid.

A lawyer friend points out that it would be criminal fraud to label this transcript as evidence unless Wade thought it absolutely valid. It’s not surprising that he didn’t use it. It’s rather remarkable, and a testament to the occupants of the Dallas DA’s office for the last 45 years, that it survived at all.


2 04 2008
Jay Walker

I read that most of the stash will be donated by the county to the 6th floor museum in Dealey Plaza…the files, photographs, etc..but other items, such as Ruby’s gun holster and Oswald’s clothing will probably be split between the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress.

It will probably be some time before the public gets access to or even an inventory of whats in these boxes. But it gives me a lot to look forward to as a researcher who has studied the JFK and RFK murder cases for almost 30 years. I can’t wait tohave a look!

16 04 2008

What is funny is that no sooner then the files are released then they are trying to discredit anything that is threatning…I mean how does that happen so fast??? A bunch of files are made available…and then within minutes the possible smoking gun to a conspiracy is discredited..

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