RFK Jr.’s Crimes Against Nature Film Due This Fall

15 01 2008

The much-anticipated new documentary film by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is set for release in Fall, 2008, according to the filmmaker’s website:

“The hard-hitting and refreshingly candid nonfiction feature film Crimes Against Nature, inspired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s best-seller of the same title, details the systematic dismantling of America’s environmental laws and policies by the Bush administration and its corporate cronies.

Unfolding with the suspense of a classic crime story, this irreverent film exposes the shadowy interplay of people, places, memos, and meetings behind a corporate profit-grab that it has gone largely unnoticed by the mainstream media and the American people.

Blending investigative journalism with political satire and dark humor, the film tells the stories of average Americans victimized by corporate greed and political corruption.”

Segments of the film will be devoted to the subjects of mountaintop removal mining, emissions, the global warming coverup, the opening of public lands in the Western U.S. to oil drilling and logging, along with many other environmental crimes committed by the Bush administration over the past 7 years.

The film hopes to reignite the discussion on climate change in the way that Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth brought attention to the crisis by putting it in movies theatres around the world, right in our faces.

RFK Jr. is a leading authority on the subject and one of the nation’s top environmental attorneys. He does a lot more than just talk about saving the environment, he’s been doing something about it for 25 years. He sues corporate polluters. He takes them to court and holds them accountable when they poison the air we breathe and the water we drink.

This film offers Kennedy the opportunity to bring his case into the court of public opinion and convince you, the jury, to convict those responsible for the plunder of our planet.

You can learn more about the movie, watch a preview trailer, read producer bios and more at: CrimesAgainstNatureMovie.com.

Buy the book at Amazon.com.

Crimes Against Nature Book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


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One response

31 01 2008

Can’t wait to see RFK jr.’s new film. I know it will be amazing!

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