RFK Jr. Interviews Hillary Clinton

16 12 2007

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for nearly an hour on his Air America radio show this weekend. In a Ring of Fire exclusive interview with the candidate Bobby has formally endorsed for president, he compared those who engage in Clinton-bashing to the Roosevelt haters of the 1930s and `40s. (See related story: “Kennedy Attacks the Hillary Haters.”)

 Kennedy and Clinton discussed the ironic fact that the same people who often attacked FDR for his “socialist” New Deal economic recovery policies also benefited greatly from them. Reflected by the growth of their own personal income, stock portfolios and investments, one might think these Roosevelt haters should have been some of FDR’s greatest supporters.

He applied this logic to the Clinton presidency, as well as Senator Clinton’s candidacy, arguing that the Clintons ushered in a time of economic prosperity after a recession, just as FDR brought an end to the Great Depression. And that they too were harshly attacked.


Without argument, Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 primarily with “it’s the economy, stupid.” He had the answer Americans wanted to hear at a time when we’d suffered quite enough of trickle-down Reaganomics, thank you.

Considering the shape our economy is in today after nearly 8 years of the Bush administration (who wiped out the Clinton-era budget surplus and plunged the country into unimaginable debt), it’s fair to speculate that Hillary would win in `08 if this disastrous economic trend continues.

Why? Because she is the only candidate (of either party) who is proven and experienced when it comes to fixing another fine mess some Bush has gotten us into. Love or hate Hillary, few will quibble with the fact that she and her husband’s administration repaired the American economy after Reagan and George H.W. Bush wrecked it in the ’80s.


No doubt Mrs. Clinton is already making “it’s the economy, stupid” the basic message of her campaign. This tried-and-true formula has served the Democratic party perfectly well from the days of Roosevelt; it worked like a charm in 1992, and if the bottom falls out between now and next November, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will work again in 2008.

Might as well bet your bottom dollar on Hillary. By this time next year, it may well just be the last dollar you have, so what do you have to lose, right?

Your freedom? Your Constitution? A son or daughter in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Iran?

These issues, which have been in the forefront of our minds during the long dark night of the Bush years, are already starting to take a back seat to economic issues in recent polls. Historically, the larger foreign policy issues, even matters of war and peace, quickly fall behind major domestic problems in an election year.

Perhaps that means we Americans are indeed selfish creatures, always thinking about ourselves. How quickly we forget the poor Iraqi and Afghan people’s plight as soon as we start losing our own jobs, our mortgages, our cherished standard of living. We’re worried about gas reaching $4/gallon and how that will affect our purchase of some new high-priced gizmo this Christmas.

But at least we don’t have to dodge bombs in our streets every day and witness the carnage of war up close and personal. So long as the war is “over there,” we Americans usually figure we’ve got bigger fish to fry right here on the home front, thus pushing foreign policy to the back burner.


At this point, sadly, it seems doubtful that any candidate can win on an anti-war platform, or even to focus their campaign strategy on reversing our disastrous foreign policy. The audience “reaction-o-meter” clearly shows that eyes begin to glaze over when a candidate talks too much about the hard realities of Iraq — but we quickly perk up again when talk turns to the exportation of American jobs, the mortgage crisis, the credit crunch, the war on the middle class, unchecked illegal immigration, and other hot domestic issues.

I may not agree with Senator Clinton’s voting record, her past performance as First Lady, or her current stand on many of the issues I value most, but I will say she’s got one thing right:

“It’s the Economy, Stupid.”

I predict this road-tested mantra will take her directly back to the White House. That doesn’t mean she’s got my vote. But if my prediction of a landslide is correct, she certainly won’t need it.

Until then, hang on to your jobs, America! (That is, if you’re still fortunate enough to have one…) And by this time next year, we might just be singing some of those old songs from the 1930s like “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”

Or is it “Happy Days Are Here Again?” Well…hey, it worked for Franklin!


Listen to the Ring of Fire Radio interview here. (Hillary Clinton appears in Hour 1, about 15 minutes into the broadcast.)

Or if you prefer visuals, watch it at GoLeft: http://www.goleft.tv/?id=802

Text copyright RFKin2008.com. Audio/Video courtesy of Air America and GoLeft.tv




21 responses

17 12 2007

Ya know, i hadnt thought of that before, but you make an interesting point here.

if the economy keeps tanking, Hillary is in by a landslide.

Still not sure how this is a good thing, tho’.

17 12 2007
Stupid Bum

[…] “How quickly we forget the poor Iraqi and Afghan people’s plight as soon as we start losing our own jobs, our mortgages, our cherished standard of living. ” […]

How true…….and very, very sad.

17 12 2007

Ahhhhh yes, the old “vote for me and I’ll set you free” ploy!

17 12 2007
Blog Nation

Great post! We linked it on our blog as well. Spread the word…everybody should read this!!!

17 12 2007

Another interesting post today, rfkin2008!

Thanks for giving us more historical perspective in this story. i have often wondered if FDR and Eleanor were really for the people, just as i do with the Clintons. Was the crash of 1929 a manufactured event in order to bring a new regieme into power, expand government power, and implement this “new deal”?

Comparing the rise of Roosevelt to the coming of the Clintons (and now the second coming with Hillary!), it is also interesting to note that FDR was “landslided” into office after 12 years of Republican presidents. And after Herbert Hoover, the Democrats could have run Rin-Tin-Tin the dog and won. People were that hungry for a change.

History repeats. It could happen again.

17 12 2007

Robert is a sinner and a member of the New World Order.

He is a whore-monger and divorced in violation of God’s law.

In 1983, he was arrested in a Rapid City South Dakota Airport for heroin possession.

His opposition to the construction of the Cape Wind offshore wind power project demonstrates that he is a fraud and a hypocrite.

Kennedy has received royalty payments for participation in two family-owned oil drilling companies.

Of course you will not publish this, or will you?

17 12 2007

Of course we will publish your comment, Mr. Peepers. But we will also take issue with the points you made:

First, I know nothing of Kennedy’s personal life, and neither do you. RFK’s private affairs are between him and his maker, and frankly, it’s none of your business. Or mine.

Secondly, you claim that Kennedy is a “member of the New World Order.” As far as I know, Mr. Kennedy’s name has never been associated with any of the elite fraternal organizations or secret societies commonly associated with the “New World Order.” As he did not attend Yale, he certainly was never in Skull & Bones, nor is he a Freemason (he’s Catholic – are you kidding?). We have never found him listed as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Bilderburg Group, the Bohemian Club, or any other such group. Of course, if you have evidence to the contrary, you’re welcome to present it here.

Third, RFK Jr. admittedly made some major mistakes in his youth and was arrested for heroin posession in 1983. He successfully went through treatment and has been clean and sober for 25 years. This news is so old and stale, it’s got mold growing on it. So why even bring it up? (Interesting too how you defended Barack Obama for admitting to his teenage cocaine use in your blog…but apparently don’t feel the same kind of compassion towards Mr. Kennedy.)

Fourth, Kennedy is a New York resident and does not live at the family home on Cape Cod. Therefore, his view will not be affected by the Cape Wind turbines offshore. He opposes the Cape Wind project for a number of other reasons, primarily because he does not believe in selling lands and waters which rightfully belong to the PEOPLE of Massachusetts to a big private developer.

Finally, the Kennedy family has been invested in oil for many decades. Does that make them evil? (Talk to any financial advisor and they will tell you that oil is one of the best industries you can be invested in). RFK Jr. has always been very clear that he believes capitalism is what makes America great.

Running this website, we’ve seen so many Kennedy-hating trolls come here and attempt to post personal attacks on the man and his family. As a rule, we do not publish them because we want to keep debates here focused on the issues. Our readers aren’t interested in reading personal attacks on the Kennedys. We DID choose to publish this one, however, as an example to all just how obsessed some of these whackos can be.

As if we needed another reminder of that fact after `63 and `68…but your letter serves its’ purpose to keep us on guard against the irrational hatred that seems to follow the Kennedys. For nearly half a century now, the level of vitriol and violence directed towards them has been far more disturbing than anything the Roosevelts and Clintons EVER faced.

And folks, if you think what Mr. Peepers posted above is scary (to say nothing of that mugshot photo!), you’ll surely be chilled by his website. http://dillsnapcogitation.wordpress.com/

17 12 2007

Hillary Clinton remains the Democratic frontrunner, especially with the Des Moines Register endorsement.

17 12 2007

With the Economy being bad and people losing their jobs, houses and struggling to feed their families, other issues may very well take a backseat to the Economy.

I was discussing this subject of how we as Catholics are going to base our vote this election with other pro-life Catholics. I pointed out that our country is at a crossroads and this election will determine what direction this country will go.

Will we stay on the Bush/Republican path that doesn’t think Waterboarding is torture etc but who claims to be pro life? Or are we going to put abortion on the back burner this year and as Catholics vote for a Pro Choice Democrat who on the other issues that are important to us as Catholics would work toward? ( The Enviroment, Human and Civil Rights, Health Care for all Americans, Immagration Reform, bringing an end to the Iraq War and other issues) are issues that not only effect Catholics but all Americans.

As I shared with them, the best thing that we can do as Pro-life Catholics is to seek God’s will in this. As a pro-life Democrat I am leaning toward voting for the Democrat nominee whomever he /she is. I would hope that the pro-life independents who usually vote Republican because they have a pro-life platform and they are single issue voters would for the best interest of this country also put abortion on the backburner this year and vote for the Democrat because of other moral issues that need to be dealt with. I will be encouraging them to do that for this election so the Democrats will get the vote of Independents.

Hillary could win, if we as Demcrats put aside the issues that are different from hers and unite to victory. To not unite and come together even though we don’t agree on all the issues is to give the Republicans another victory in the general because we weren’t willing to bite the bullet and come together as a party and rally behind our candidate.

I hope that if and when Hillary or whomever it declared the Democratic candidate that we will vote for what is best for the future of this country.

18 12 2007

Hillary is trying to portray herself as an agent of change. Which happens to be a falsehood.

Look at the facts:
George Bush Sr.
2 terms as VP=8years
1 term Prez=4 years total 12 years
Clinton Prez= 8 years======8 years
George Bush Jr. Prez=8yrs 8 years
Grand total===============______
28 years

Now explain how she is an agent of change?

I say now is the time for our country to have a true change. If she is elected then our country will have at least 32 years if not 36 years of dynasties running our country.

Not good at all, because if this happens then we should just become a Monarchy.

Wake up people.

18 12 2007

Bobby, you”re equating the vitriol of the Right with the concerned Democratic voters.

I do not support Hillary, but for reasons other than blind hatred.
Her vote for Kyl-Lieberman
Her vote for the Iraq war
Her acceptance of corporate donations, thus?
Her vulnerability to corporate influence
Her top ranking of Pharmaceutical and Insurance donations
Her inability to pass Healthcare legislation due to these donations
Her use of the nation”s foremost union buster on her campaign
Her affiliation with Rupert Murdoch
Her saber rattling over Iran
Her uniting effect on Republicans

Comparing Clinton to Roosevelt is misleading at best.

FDR was swept into office at the lowest economical point in U.S. history and the population was in dire straits.
Today we have rabid consumerism and materialism.

FDR”s four victories were in spite of the major corporations lined up against him. Most major corporations support Hillary and expect to benefit from her election.

The hatred of Roosevelt described by Childs “may well go down as the major irony of our time” because the majority of those against the President had their bank accounts replenished and incomes restored. In fact, these people were the principal financial and industrial leaders you catalog in the plot to overthrow the government, possessed vast fortunes and were unaffected or even benefited by the market crash. Today they are backing Hillary.

Eleanor Roosevelt never ran for office, but if she had her compassion, intellect, and progressive values would outweigh Clinton”s Conservative leanings (Goldwater Girl), corporate ties (member Wal-Mart Board) and her Hawkish stance on Iraq and Iran.

Eleanor frequently acted as proxy for FDR which upset certain folks. The group dementia of today”s Conservatives (brandishing purple bandages – Freedom Fries) is the herd mentality of Roosevelt hatred then. Individually, folks overwhelming respected Eleanor for the passion she approached everything with, her willingness to take less popular stands, her foresight to know its importance. Women”s suffrage, civil rights, the UN, labor unions were all issues she fought for.

It is not that people hate Hillary, it is only that we know we can do so much better.

18 12 2007

Ha! Comparing Hillary to Eleanor? Absolutely absurd in my mind. Maybe they are facing similar corpora-fascist hatred, but Bill and Hillary are Bush Light neo-liberals.

Hillary won’t get us out of Iraq. Hillary won’t denounce a national ID card. Hillary won’t reject money from or get out of bed with AIPAC. Hillary won’t vote against legislation that suspends habeas corpus. Hillary is a part of the corporatocracy.

The haters are using her as a decoy “leftist” so that they can set the political spectrum as to what is left and what is right. It’s an old, obvious propaganda trick that has the uninformed, brainwashed populous so mixed up with spin they’re probably willing to elect a regressive leader like Hillary in 2008.

We need real change, not Bush Light. Out of Iraq. Out of Germany. Out of South Korea. Out of the Chagos Islands.

Ron Paul for President in 2008!

18 12 2007

Hey – found this at BlogCritics.com, thought it was intersting:


Bobby backs Hillary and doesn’t back down

It’s beginning to look a lot like endorsement season to me. And on November 29th Robert Kennedy Jr., endorsed Hillary Clinton to few cheers. And it doesn’t get any better than a strong endorsement from a member of the Kennedy clan. And since a Kennedy has spoken at every Democratic National Conventions since Jack in 1960–Bobby Jr., just might be the next slated speaker.

So in this likability race has he risked name and rep to endorse Hillary? It seems so.

He claims that it is getting to the point where likability has so dogged Hillary that she has certified haters. Really, Bobby is that drama necessary?

I am not so certain that “hate” is the right word. And comparing her “haters” to those of FDR. He has been swimming in the salty sea too long. I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her as much as I like Barack.

In my play, I don’t think it is all about “hating” Hillary, but apparently RFK Jr. thought he needed to “revisit” his choice. He had to address his decision in his HuffPo blog after a little “visit” with Hillary, a “tour” of New York State, a sampling of how others in New York “love” her, and getting an earful from the netroots.

Reading his blog about his recent chat with Senator Clinton seemed apologetic almost. And more in the vein of a revisit of that endorsement rather than the more-expected endorsement for Obama or even Edwards. Will he back down from this endorsement? I doubt it. After all, my article and thousands of other blogs and musings will all be moot if (and when) Obama and Clinton are both part of the same Democratic ticket.

Finally, lest we forget that the Kennedy family has ties with the Clintons that go back to the White House rose garden and Bill’s stepping onto the White House lawn and reaching across time to shake the hand of John F. Kennedy. It goes back to when Bill Clinton gave official notice (at government cost) to the Coast Guard to plumb the ocean off the coast near Martha’s Vineyard until the jet and bodies of John F. Kennedy, Jr., wife and sister in law were recovered. One does not forget ties like those, nor should one.

But then there is the vista of political reality: Hillary moves out, Bobby moves into the most desired Senate seat in the U.S. of A. And like his uncle before him–a candidate put into place when Jack became JFK so that Teddy Kennedy could eventually run for his vacated seat and keep it virtually for life. When you and your family are sitting around drinking eggnog this season and debating the soon-to-be Clinton dynasty remember this: there is nothing wrong with a little royal blood in the veins, or wearing a tiara to bed in the Lincoln bedroom.

18 12 2007

OK, everything about the above post was fine until that last sentence….
“there’s nothing wrong with a little royal blood in the veins, or wearing a tiara to bed in the Lincoln Bedroom.”

Are you effing kidding me? Has the idiot author of this piece ever heard of the American Revolution?

In case anyone missed it, we once fought a war to bring an end to Monarch’s rule in this country.

Keep pushing us into the corner, all ye Bushes, Clintons and Kennedys. And watch what happens. You’ll have a 2nd American Revolution on your hands. do not attempt to thrust a crown upon the people again!!!

Think americans won’t fight to regain their Republic?

I’d think twice about that if I were ya’ll.

18 12 2007

Dear Bobby

Hardly a weekend would go by that I would not listen to your show, so it was with great surprise and dissapointment that you decided to support Clinton,the least progressive and the beneficiary of the largest amounts of money from insurance,military,etc. Since then I have felt no need to listen to you further and will not in the future.If this is your judgement then it is a poor one–and the ways things are going for her I think that you hitched the wrong wagon.And to even compare her to FDR is more than laughable.

18 12 2007

If you believe Hillary is someone “who cares about and stands up and fights for the changes that our country needs to have”, then you, sir, are self-deceived. I can understand wanting to believe she is such a person but that is a false hope. Yes, there is an irrational hatred for the Clintons but that does not qualify her as an agent for change. Nor will I believe you after her election and the veneer of integrity is ripped off and you start to use words like “Disappointed” or “I truly believed in” to cover the fact you lied to yourself. There’s better ways of making yourself feel good than putting on rose colored glasses.

There is nothing to be gained from not facing the truth – and everything to be lost.

“So you want this fucking job?” – John Kennedy to Barry Goldwater after being informed of the Bay of Pigs disaster

18 12 2007

Additional remark to Mr. Kennedy,

You are on the wrong side of history.

You can choose bold move allowing the country to have a fresh start.

By siding with Clinton, you want the country to repeat the pattern of:

Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clintons, (maybe Clintons).

No thanks. We have enough of these dishonest politicians and third rate leadership.

It is time for bold and fresh leadership that can move country forward. A lot of us hoped that man would be YOU!

18 12 2007

So because you don’t like his endorsement you quit listening to his show? That is like a little kid who gets mad at his friend and takes all his marbles and storms away because he didn’t get his own way.

To all those who seem to have nothing but hatred directed to Bobby because he endorsed Hilary Clinton, I would like to ask you do you believe that all Americans have the right to support, endorse, and vote for the person that they think is best? It seems to many of you that this endorsement has led to an excuse to show your anger and hate for someone who up until now you liked and admired.

He is still that same person that we all admire for his work with the enviroment and other issues. HE still has passion in wanting to fight for a future for the children in this country, because he has six children of his own.

Has Bobby made mistakes? Yes, he is a human being. Every single one of us has made mistakes in this life. We baby boomers in our youth many times used drugs. To the guy who had to bring that old news up, I for one admire the way that he was able to kick his habit and move forward and make a difference for good in this world. I personally haven’t done drugs in 17 + years. Does that made me a terrible person because in my youth I was a pot head and liked Coke in the 80’s?

I shouldn’t assume because when you assume you find you are usually wrong, but I am going to assume that most of the people who post on this board are Democrat.

Let me ask my fellow Democrats this. Will you put aside the petty differences in Nov to vote for the Democratic candidate even if it is Hilary in order to get a Democrat in the White House? Or will you continue as in years gone by to let our differences keep us home or throw away our vote by voting third party so that the end result is a Republican like Bush getting elected?

This country is at a crossroads. We must change the direction of this country. The pro-life people won’t vote for a pro choice candidate and are single issue voters which I am trying to reach if they are pro-life Democrats. I see some of you will not vote for Hilary for any reason and even want to stone the people who support and endorse her.

Are we going to let our petty differences on issues divide this party that we get stuck with another Republican President? With the reaction I see directed toward Bobby I fear that will be the case.

You may not think you are, but you are proving his very point that some people hate Hilary so much that they will refuse to vote for her in Nov. if she is the winner of the primaries.

Why am I this election willing to vote for Hilary and a pro-choice Democrat? Because there are other issues that are just as important in my eyes and I have a moral imperitive that this election I put abortion on the backburner. I have a moral duty to overlook Hilary’s stand on abortion because of such issues as waterbording, the enviroment, health care etc. I would like to think that other Democrats can put their issues with Hilary aside for the good of the country.

The future is in our hands. Will we take the high road and vote for Hilary if she is the Democratic Candidate or will we continue to spew out hate and distain for Hilary and Bobby Kennedy Jr for daring to endorse her?

20 12 2007

I was just reading “Sons of camelot” by Larence Leamer and came across some advice Robert Kennedy Sr. got from Dick Goodwin when RFK was trying to decide whether or not he should challenge LBJ in the 1968 presidential race.

“People can forgive mistakes, ambition, etc., but they never get over distrust.”

Bobby Jr. would do well to remember this advice right now.

We can forgive him for past mistakes. We can forgive him his ambition if he wants Hillary’s senate seat or any other public office. We might even encourage that ambition. But if he breaks the trust people have placed in him, it’s over.

20 12 2007


I personally don’t think he is breaking the trust of the American people by endorsing Hilary Clinton. Breaking someone’s trust is lying to them. He isn’t lying to anyone, but being honest in his support of Clinton. Other members in his family support her so I think that is unfair to make it sound like Bobby has done anything that would justify your not trusting him.

My question for you is do you hate Hilary so much that you would take the chance that a Republican got back into the White House because you refuse to vote for her in Nov?

We get back to Bobby’s article don’t we? More and more I see people proving his point that we have within our Democratic party people who hate Hilary so much that if she does win the nomination that they would rather let a Republican win than vote for her when we as a nation are facing major moral issues.

23 12 2007

There’s a great song on the Smashing Pumpkins’ latest album I would like to dedicate to RFK Jr….says it all:


Tired eyes closed for days
there’s no regret, ’cause there’s no place
I don’t know what I believe
but if I feel safe, what do I need?

Revolution! Revolution! Revolution blues
What will they do?
Revolution! Revolution! Revolution blues
What will they do to me?

Dulcet tongues whisper fast
The future yearns, right now’s the past
Rouse me soon, the end draws nigh
Whose side are you on?
Your blood you cannot buy

Revolution! Revolution! Revolution blues
What will they do?
Revolution! Revolution! Revolution blues
What will they do to you?

We’re alive, I feel alright, so tonight
I got to ask you why?
Why tonight?
It’s no surprise
I’ve got to survive!

Freedom shines a light ahead,
I’ll lead the last charge from bed
They said my last rites
I don’t have to run scared no more

Fight! I wanna fight! I wanna fight!
A revolution tonight!
I wanna fight! I wanna fight!
A revolution tonight!

Acolyte, acolyte
do you wanna watch me die!???

Let me do something good
Let me prove something real like I should
Let me embrace every single living thing
Let me be every single moment I ever misunderstood

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