Snoozing While Rome Burns

25 10 2007

PHOTO CAPTION: Vice President Dick Cheney, minutes before cameras caught him nodding off at a cabinet meeting. (Come to think of it, he *does* look pretty woozy here.) President Bush called the emergency meeting Wednesday regarding the federal government’s response to wildfire devastation in California. Reuters photo.


So I’m glued to CNN’s coverage of the California wildfires yesterday afternoon, and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Vice President Dick Cheney dozing off during an emergency cabinet meeting called to determine how the federal government will respond to the crisis.

CNN’s footage showed Cheney sitting in a tall leather chair, head down, hands folded, eyes closed, gently swaying to and fro. Snoozing while California burned.

These 18 wildfires, the most devastating California has ever seen, prompted the largest mass evacuation in American history. Nearly 1 million people were forced to abandon their homes, a far greater exodus than what we saw two years ago during Hurricane Katrina.

Apparently our Vice President could really care less, deciding to take a little nap-e-poo during one of the nation’s worst natural and environmental disasters. And it’s not the first time he’s been known to sack out at important meetings:

 PHOTO CAPTION: U.S. President George W. Bush speaks during a meeting about the situation in Iraq with current and former U.S. secretaries of state and defense at the White House in Washington May 12, 2006. From left are Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, sleeping Veep Dick Cheney, President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

PHOTO CAPTION: Vice President Dick Cheney gets caught napping in 2006 during a press briefing by President Bush and Chinese leader Hu Jintao. The veep’s people later insisted he was reading his notes.

What the hell is wrong with our Vice President, folks? Is the old ticker so weak that he can just drift off at any moment? Does he suffer from chronic narcolepsy? Or is he just resting his eyes?

Was Bush really running the country there for a minute? Should we be worried?

According to Reuters and other mainstream media outlets (who quickly “disappeared” that pesky footage of Cheney dozing at yesterday’s cabinet meeting), there is absolutely, positively no need to worry. Bush has everything under control.

You’re in good hands, America. Everything’s fine, go back to sleep.

Just get a load of this fawning coverage off the Reuters wire yesterday:


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Haunted by the legacy of Hurricane Katrina, the White House is scrambling to make sure the Southern California wildfires don’t become another public relations nightmare for President George W. Bush.

(Too late!)

His administration, faced with the worst U.S. natural disaster since Katrina, has shifted into high gear to show it learned its lesson from the federal government’s botched handling of the storm that devastated New Orleans in 2005.

Mindful of the severe damage the Katrina response caused to Bush’s image and popularity, the White House has taken pains to depict him as deeply engaged in tracking the latest crisis.

(Which explains why the “Sleeping Veep” story was killed within hours of its initial airing…)

He was quick to declare a state of emergency in California, even going as far as anticipating Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (cousin by marriage to RFK Jr.) request by leaving behind a pre-approved order before leaving the Oval Office on Monday evening.

Many will remember that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. harshly criticized the Bush Administration’s lack of response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, arguing that the disaster had been entirely preventable. He reserved some of his fiercest blows for Vice President Cheney in a controversial article he wrote for the Huffington Post. Wonder what he’ll have to say about the California crisis?

While the rapidly declining health of the man who is “one heartbeat away” from the presidency is really no laughing matter…oh, what the hell, why not? 

“Remember when the most embarrassing thing to happen to a vice-president was misspelling the word potato?” –Jimmy Kimmel

“A White House spokesman announced today that Vice President Dick Cheney’s recovery is exceeding his doctor’s expectations. You know what that means? He’s still alive.” –Jay Leno

“President Bush sent Vice President Dick Cheney to New Orleans. Is that what they need down there? Another person requiring emergency medical help?” –Jay Leno

“As Cheney told CNN, he has been 100 percent heart attack free since ascending to the vice presidency. He added, ‘In fact, rather than giving me stress, being vice president has actually fueled my blackened soul, allowing me to gorge vampire-like on the bloody nectar of unlimited power.’ I’m sorry that should have read ‘I never felt better.'” -Jon Stewart, on Dick Cheney’s insistence that he is the picture of health




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25 10 2007

Thanks for bringing this story to our attention! Just added it to our site, too:

Keep up the good work!

25 10 2007
Public Relations Nightmares

More coffee, Mr. Vice President?

25 10 2007
Sergeant John's 3-D Chiller House of Terror!

As Cheney used to say of his avoidance of the Vietnam War draft, he seems to have had “other priorities.”

You can see the drowsy Veep snap awake, doubtless when someone mentioned bombing Iran.

26 10 2007
From Tehran, with love!

Coming to think of it, we have similar “incidents” here as well!
I’m sure i had a few photos somewhere!

26 10 2007
Spilled Tea Blog

California is being burnt to a crisp, over 1 million people are being forced to evacuate their homes, 1500 homes are destroyed and what does Vice President Dick Cheney do? TAKE A NAP. That’s right folks. As President Bush gave a briefing on the California wild fires during an emergency cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Cheney decided to sneak in a power nap.

Check out a video clip of Cheney’s cat nap here:

26 10 2007
Everyday Bullshit

From the everyday Bullshit Blog Archive, Oct. 26, 2007:

“I believe the effort is well-coordinated,” President Bush told reporters after the meeting, emphasizing that his administration is working to avoid the mistakes made with Hurricane Katrina.

Cheney was previously spotted napping in April 2006, during a press briefing by President Bush and Chinese President Hu Jintao. Although he insisted he had merely been looking down at some notes, photographs clearly showed him asleep, and there was speculation that he might be preparing to step down for medical reasons. Cheney was seen sleeping again during a meeting on Iraq in May 2006.

As one local Washington station suggested, “Perhaps even the vice president needs a power nap once in awhile.”

27 10 2007

To update this story, the White House now says that Cheney wasn’t sleeping, he was “meditating.”


Who knew Darth was such a deeply devout man? Will we have to start calling him the Dali Cheney now?

Makes me wonder if the old boy could even stay awake long enough to be impeached…

Which gives me an idea: why don’t we just impeach him while he catches 40 winks? Wake him up when it’s all over and promptly hand him over to those nice young men in the clean white coats…who are coming to take him away ha-ha!:)

7 11 2007

Hello my name is Benjamin. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I have been battling with my insurance company and they are not going to help me get a bipap machine because it is a pre-existing condition. I am trying to get one used online. I set up a website to try to tell my story and hopefully make enough from the ads to purchase a bipap machine. The last sleep study I went to told me that if I did not get a machine, I was headed for a heart attack in 5 years. I am 36. I appreciate anyone who makes the effort to spread the word. I would like to try to set up a way for the uninsured to get cpap and bipap machines without insurance. Thanks Very Much

8 11 2007

Thanks for writing, Benjamin. Reading your personal story and of your determination to save your own life (with no help from insurance companies or the government) was inspiring, while at the same time infuriating.

With so-called “treatment” like this, is it any wonder the nation is in this health care crisis?

But what REALLY slays me is that our Vice President, who gets the very best health care provided to him, and who can easily afford the cost of breathing machines, medications, heart surgeries, etc…STILL can’t manage to stay awake on the job! Let’s face it, if the guy is *that* ill, he should be home in bed, not in the White House.

Meanwhile, average Americans like you and I are denied the basic health care services we need, either by greedy insurance companies or the prohibitive costs involved for the patient. And it appears this administration can’t be bothered by our plight, either.

So we have to turn to our neighbors, our families, even complete strangers on the internet, to raise the funds necessary to save our own lives. I still have faith in people – individuals reaching out to others – working together to take care of one another.

Frankly, it may be the only solution – because we sure as hell can’t count on the government, insurance companies or the health care “industry” to do the right thing.

Perhaps if we are lucky, America will have a president in 2008 who makes fixing this crisis a top priority, instead of paying mere lip service to “compassion” …

…and if we’re REALLY lucky, Bobby Kennedy will be that man.

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