Kennedy Warns of Pollution Dangers From Poultry Farms

24 10 2007

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


The Waterkeeper Alliance, an international environmental group co-founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is organizing an “Eastern Shore Poultry Summit” Nov. 1 at the Wicomico Civic Center in Salisbury, MD, the Baltimore Sun reported today.

The point of the event is to raise awareness of water pollution that runs off large poultry farms, and try to find solutions, said William J. Gerlach, attorney for the eight-year-old advocacy organization.

Among the speakers at the day-long event will be Kennedy, a co-founder and chairman of the group; Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler; and Bill Satterfield, director of the Delmarva Poultry Institute, a farming trade organization.  “We’d like to start a dialogue among everybody – so we invited the Delmarva Poultry Institute, not just environmental activists,” said Gerlach.  ”Hopefully there will be good discusion and we will build from it.” 

Gerlach said he hopes to encourage Maryland  to issue factory-style water pollution control permits to large poultry farms, increase the enforcement of water pollution laws, and to allow public access to the nutrient management plans that farmers are supposed to follow.

The Sun reported on Oct. 14 that the poultry industry on Maryland’s Eastern Shore produces about a billion pounds of manure a year, and is a significant source of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. But Maryland has been slower than other states, including neighboring Pennsylvania, in requiring factory-style pollution control permits for large poultry businesses. The state is now considering these permits, along with inspections by the state’s environmental enforcement agency and fines of up to $32,500 for allowing manure into streams. (Yes, you read that correctly) But farmers have complained that chicken houses don’t pollute like factories, and that family farms shouldn’t be burdened with excessive regulation.

The Poultry Summit is open to the public, and runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Wicomico Civic Center. The cost is $25. The group held similar “Hog Summits” to address animal waste pollution in North Carolina, Iowa and Pennsylvania from 2002 to 2005. 




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11 11 2007

(Somewhat) Unrelated to Drafting RFK Jr. for our Independent Pres. hopeful…

I work with a technology which uses organic methods to restore water bodies to a pristine state, Naturally. The technology is called Multiple Laminar Flow, Inversion and it incorporates the usage of Food grade enzymes of a proprietary manufacture as well as the use of proprietary microorganisms which all told in the correct engineering of an individual project, can restore hog farm waste ponds from non-conforming discharge to acceptable discharge limits in BOD and COD levels. Clean-Flo International, based in PA. has made great progress in this target industry. Poultry farms would be benefiting from this process as well. Minnesota farmers and the Minnesota DNR are considering making the technology ‘mandatory’ in their states’ compliance efforts to address this specific problem. The good results that Clean-Flo has achieved in similar projects range in size and clientele from all over the world. Clients include the Taiwan Government, The Government of India, The Chinese Government, The French Government and have individual projects at St. James Park (Buckingham Palace), The reflection Pond at the Taj Mahal, a 42 mile stretch of river in Formies, France and an Oceanic Bay in Korea. More information could be had by visiting or by going to google video and searching clean-flo, there are two 10 minute videos on Google that show many of these results.

I personally installed a system for Clean-Flo on the Newtown Creek in the English Kills section of Queens, NY. The project was to evaluate the effects (in-situ) to determine if a remedy existed to restore the hapless and Dead, Newtown Creek. After two weeks of operation, the results were verifyably productive. After two months we lost contact with NYC DEC. Never to hear back from them again about addressing Combined sewerage overflows (CSO’s) from NYC into the Newtown Creek. I know Mr. Kennedy is actively involved in this with his River Keeper associates. I am desperately trying to reach out to them about this project which they probably aren’t aware existed (10 years ago) and to make this technology available to Water Keeper organizations, as I am Clean-Flo Internationals’ Rep. for the New York and New England Region.

Environmental issues, like water quality are just as important as taking back our government. Our lives and more importantly, our kids lives depend on what we will do today.

11 03 2008
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