RFK Jr. a Possible Contender for Hillary’s Senate Seat

23 09 2007

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Last week the New York Daily News reported that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may have his eye on his father’s former place in the U.S. Senate, a seat currently occupied by Hillary Rodham Clinton. But perhaps not for long.

Should Clinton become the Democratic nominee and go on to win the general election in 2008, it would fall to New York Gov. Spitzer to choose Clinton’s successor if she leaves before her term is up.

Naturally, several Democratic hopefuls already have their eye on that coveted prize, and according to the Daily News, Bobby Kennedy Jr. is one of them:

Another contender might be prominent environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who, a party insider noted, possesses a “magic, magic, magic name” in politics.

This isn’t the first time Kennedy has expressed a desire to run for the Senate. In previously published interviews, he has said that he would be interested in possibly running for Senator or Governor of New York. So this is really just the latest round of rumors regarding Bobby’s future political plans — a secret which, at least for now, he is keeping to himself.

Of course, we’d rather see him go for it and run for President instead.

Although a few years of some Congressional experience would benefit him, it is certainly not a requirement for Presidential leadership. Considering how recent administrations and our Congress have let ALL of the people down, Kennedy not being a Washington insider may well be his greatest asset in a run for the White House.

Americans are ready for leaders who think outside the box (and the Beltway). So if RFK Jr. decides to go for his father’s old Senate seat, he’ll have our support. He’d be a wonderful Senator and the people of New York would be lucky to have him. But if he should instead decide to enter the presidential race as a late arrival, we’ll have our boots on the ground: raising money, rounding up volunteers and votes nationwide.

Clearly, he is close to making a decision as to whether he will enter the 2008 race or wait this one out. This is the time he needs to hear from YOU! Please tell Bobby your thoughts on the petition to draft RFK Jr. into the 2008 presidential race. Sign it today!


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2 responses

14 12 2007
Bradley G. Barnett

It makes sense,whether Hillary succeeds or fails,that RFK Jr would support her candidacy. He is a New York state resident and ‘that’ NY seat is his father’s old seat! I am very impressed by RFK Jr. I have heard him speak at a relatively small meeting and of ALL the Kennedy’s,he ‘seems’ tp possess the ambition and commitment that his father had! I definately see him as a future NY senator and the Presidency is NOT a ‘reach’ once he became a Senator. He alone, appears to have the commitment to the environment; a cause that will consume ALL of us for the rest of our lives on earth. I would welcome an opportunity to support his candidacy,if and when,a NY senate seat is open to a Democratic nominee. Call me or write me Bobby……I would contribute time and/or money to his future as a public servant of America….

23 05 2008
Peggy McGilligan

It takes practice to screw-up on day one. Hillary Clinton is clearly ready. Its not like Hillary’s been screwing-up since day one either; she simply misspoke, again. Anyway, Hillary will wangle her way out of it, and blame those who cry foul. Seen her do it a thousand times. The Clintons are truly in a class by themselves: http://theseedsof9-11.com

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