“Fiery” New Co-Host Joins RFK Jr. on Air America

20 08 2007

Mr. “For the People” himself, John Morgan, is teaming up with Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio as the new co-host of Ring of Fire, a weekly show on the Air America radio network.

Morgan, a Central Florida attorney, consumer advocate, entrepreneur and self-described “Democrat on strike,” made his debut on the show this weekend, replacing former co-host David Bender, who left the program in early August.

In a July 21 interview with Bender on Ring of Fire, Morgan had some strong words for Democratic party leaders: “I’m so disgusted with what’s going on,” Morgan said, adding that as a major fundraiser and Democratic donor, he will not be giving any more money to the party “until the Democratic leadership gets it right. I believe in the right to go on strike, and right now, I’m on strike!”

“Where is the principle?” Morgan asked the Democrats. “I mean, what is the Congresssional approval rating now, like 17%? That’s lower than the president! What the Democrats in Congress need to realize is that they were brought here as agents of change.

“The reason Obama is doing so well is because people desperately want change,” he said. “For these Senators and Representatives to think they were brought here for a different reason is just wrong. They were brought here to end the war.”

Morgan also issued a call to action to all “Good Democrats” across the nation: “When they call you asking for donations, asking you to do a fundraiser, I urge you to say, `not until you do the right thing‘. Tell them, `we are on strike.’

“Now that we (the Democrats) are in power,” Morgan explained, “remember that we can’t blame the Republicans anymore for not ending this war. The blood will now be put on our hands if we don’t do the right thing.

“And if they do take a stand, they will be doing what John F. Kennedy talked about years and years ago and showing us “Profiles In Courage” by putting principle above politics.”

For more information about John Morgan, check out his website.

Morgan also plans to open a National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC. Read about it here.

Ring of Fire can be heard on Air America every Saturday and Sunday. Find a local affiliate station in your area, or listen online at ringoffireradio.com.

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